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In the quarter century since Al Ghurair Construction’s inception it has successfully delivered more than fourteen million cubic metresof readymix concrete to construction projects in Dubai
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In the quarter century since Al Ghurair Construction’s inception it has successfully delivered more than fourteen million cubic metresof readymix concrete to construction projects in Dubai

Al Ghurair Investment is one of the largest diversified industrial enterprises in the Middle East, with global reach and business roots stretching back half a century. The Al Ghurair name is synonymous with the UAE and the company is proud of its rich heritage. With a history of pioneering innovative businesses built upon excellence, trust and responsibility, it has a deep commitment to enhancing life within its community.
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The core focus for the business is on construction, foods, resources and properties, with additional sector participation in energy, printing, retail and education, further emphasising its level of diversity within the B2B and B2C sectors. As an industry leader in all key areas of construction, a global foods manufacturer, an international printing and publishing house, an education provider, and a retail franchise it oversees worldrenowned brands.

Al Ghurair is based in Dubai and directs operations spanning 20 countries on four continents from vital human needs of nutrition to housing and energy to education. The original Al Ghurair Corporation was founded in Dubai at the beginning of the 1960’s and remained a single-family entity for more than three decades. In the 1990’s the corporation evolved into two unique yet complementary businesses.

Its reputation and success is based on strong values and an unwavering commitment to everyenterprise that it undertakes. The values are, as the business describes, embodied in its diamond square symbol, fluid yet formed, both stable and dynamic in equal measure. The diamond reflects resilience and the quality that the businessconstantly strives for, with thesquare denoting the focus it brings and the merged image represents the unity of purpose. Quality, commitment, unity and focus are the values that have shaped the company’s past and the same values continue to shape the future.

The production and supply of readymix concrete forinfrastructure projects has been a core focus of Al Ghurair’s construction activity since 1985. With a leading presence in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Qatar it has a production capacity of more than 1000 cubic metres per hour and 1.8 million m3 per annum. The Al Ghurair Construction Readymix LLC plants are fully computerised and the most sophisticated of their kind in the Gulf. Computer printouts are given to customers as delivery notes, indicating clearly the batched weights of all ingredients, providing complete peace of mind.

Production and quality control are paramount at Al Ghurair Construction, particularly in the production of readymix. All incoming raw materials for readymix are tested to the most rigid standards. Water is tested to BS 3148 and cement is subjected to monthly physical tests and chemical analysis to ensure consistent quality and compliance to BS and ASTM standards. Aggregates are checked daily for grading and other important properties to the same standards.Al Ghurair 2

Many other physical and chemical tests are carried out weekly and monthly in the company’s fully equipped laboratory, and at frequent intervals at a completely independent laboratory. Washed sand is tested for chlorides, sulphates and silt content by Dubai Municipality who provide approval before the sand is used. Despite all incoming raw materials being subjected to such rigorous examination, the outgoing concrete is tested with similar scrutiny. All loads leaving the plant are checked for correct slump and workability. Procedures on order management, raw material and finished products inventory, dispatch, laboratory, and invoicing are automatically controlled by a SIMMA batching plant control system supplied by SIMMA Electronics for concrete management.

Concrete cubes are prepared according to BS 1881, cured indoors in special curing tanks and then tested for compressive strength. All results are registered in order to monitor and study the concrete’s performance. Such attention to detail over many years has earned the Al Ghurair Construction readymix operations ISO 9001 certification for design, production and supply of readymix concrete, as well as the trust of the customer. The company holds ISO 14001 for Environmental ManagementSystem and OHSAS 18001 forOccupational Health and Safety Assessment Series, and it has also achieved the DCL/Dubai Municipality’s Plant and Truck Conformity certification as per DMS 026 during early this year.

Between 2005 and 2015 the business supplied over eight million cubic metres of readymix to its customers in Dubai on a variety of projects that included the Dubai Metro. Based on the good relationships that the business has built with suppliers and customers, it has already in the eight months of 2015 supplied over 380,000 cubic metres of the readymix product in Dubai. As the region continues to be a busy market for Al Ghurair Construction, there are a number of ongoing projects with several in the pipeline, which positions the company in good stead for the months ahead.

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