Formed in 1946, ANZA, the Scandinavian market leader in paint tools, has built its success on innovative product development, customer care and quality

Formed in 1946, ANZA, the Scandinavian market leader in paint tools, has built its success on innovative product development, customer care and quality

Brushes, rollers and other ANZA painting equipment all have a trustworthy reputation. They are sought after by professionals, as well as amateurs looking to do a spot of DIY, and are appreciated by the stores that sell them. An innovative approach to the manufacture of paint tools has made ANZA the market leader in Scandinavia and one of the top European companies in its field. There are the four pillars that support ANZA’s market leading position: function, quality, ergonomics and design.

ANZA’s charismatic managing director, Mats Bjelksjo, who joined the company 17 years ago, tells Construction Today Europe more about how ANZA has grown into one of the top European companies in its area: “My love affair with ANZA goes back to 1990, when the company had a turnover of little over ten million euros. Today, we have successfully managed to grow that to well over 55 million euros. We have been able to do this by focusing on what is important – function, design and quality – and developing the innovative products that our customers demand. This focus keeps us ahead of the competition in Scandinavia and helps maintain our position as one of the top companies in Europe.”

He adds: “Seventeen years is a long time to work for one company and I am often told to think about getting a new job! However, I still see my role here as a challenge and I am excited by the prospect of taking ANZA forward, coANZA Feb Mar 07 bntinuing our focus on product development, function, quality and design.”

Function of product is extremely important to ANZA. Working alongside professionals and DIYers to develop efficient painting tools, ANZA has the resources, knowledge and experience to create a tool that works perfectly. One of the many examples of this is the midi-roller designed for medium-sized surfaces like hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as being designed to fit into the existing frame system.

Talking about the importance of quality, Mats continues: “Quality is extremely important to us and we never compromise on that. We are certified to ISO 9001 standards, which ensures quality in both routines and processes ranging from development and manufacturing through to marketing and sales.” Indeed, ANZA’s quality checks cover every step from raw material to finished product.

ANZA believes that painting should go smoothly and with minimum irritation. The company contributes to this by applying the latest ergonomic ideas to its designs. Angled brushes, which are able to accept extensionhandles are just one example of this. Additionally, appearance is also important: “We are convinced that it is more enjoyable to work with goodlooking products,” says Mats.

Over the years ANZA has proven itself as a trade partner customers can rely on. Whatever the requirement is, customers can choose a solution from its comprehensive range of products. Mats takes up this point and comments: “Anza has always worked closely with its customers, paint dealers and professional painters, in order to hear what works and what can be improved. This feedback supports the development that we are always pursuing. This year has resulted in improvements with our big sellers and new products as well. Many of our paintbrushes have new and improved handles and we are always looking to improve our products in many other ways.”

ANZA knows customers want products with outstanding performance and quality. To make sure that customers can always rely on it to deliver, the company is constantly improving its delivery service. ANZA’s objectives are governed by the wishes of the customer, which means that it is continuously developing and updating the product range, product characteristics, display techniques and information. “We are able to offer each and every one of our dealers a fresh range of painting tools matched to the local market, backed up by attractive, customer-friendly display material,” explains Mats.

With thoughts to the future he continues: “We are seeing an increasing number of competitors enter this sector. So in that respect life is getting tougher. Of course, increased competition is something that happens in all walks of life and is something you need to live with. We believe we have a strong position, so newcomers don’t necessarily worry us. Our marketing strategy is good, we are focused on the right issues and our painting equipment has a trustworthy reputation.

“I think there are great opportunities for us going forward,” says Mats. “As a company there is still potential for us to grow in Scandinavia. However, we already have a large market share in that particular sector, so growth will not be easily achieved. We are always looking for opportunities to improve and expand and cannot rule out the possibility of acquisitions in the future, should the right ones arise.”

Talking about how ANZA differs from the competition and why it has been successful he concludes: “With ANZA as your partner, you can be sure of having access to the best in painting tools at all times. That’s how we think a good trade partner should operate.”