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A worldwide company specialising in the fitting of mobile organisational and storage systems, Bott Ltd offers both standard and bespoke solutions
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A worldwide company specialising in the fitting of mobile organisational and storage systems, Bott Ltd offers both standard and bespoke solutions

Having started life in 1973 as the Lockpanel Company Ltd, Bott Ltd as it is now known, was first set up as a joint venture in 1980 and was later fully integrated into the Bott Group in 1996 after many successful years of trading with the now parent company, Wilhelm Bott GmbH & Co.KG.

The Institute of Transport Management Vehicle Storage Solutions Company 2007, Bott is a significant player in a European Group now employing in excess of 750, with three manufacturing sites and a fully integrated European sales network.

Bott Jul Aug 07 bConstruction Today Europe recently caught up with Bott’s Pritesh Patel, who was happy to tell us more about this industry leader: “Bott enhances commercial vehicles to create safe, efficient and versatile working environments for large and small customers,” he explains. “The company is the UK’s leading manufacturer, installer and supplier of light commercial vehicle storage equipment and workshop storage solutions. With facilities in Ashby de la Zouch, Bude and Cumbernauld, we offer a national service.”

He continues: “We are committed to excellence and have a reputation for quality, service and value for money. Our vision is to be a leading provider of solutions for workspace organisation delivered through worldclass manufacturing, procurement and service provision and we are dedicated to the enhancement of mobile empty space into safe, efficient and versatile working environments that enable our customers to achieve their business goals.

“We provide a one stop solution for all our customers,” adds Pritesh. “We have total capability for providing complete full vehicle supply and enhancement from consultancy and design through to installation of our own equipment and that of third parties. Our offer includes a full graphics/livery service and installation of electrical ancillaries. Our project management capabilities allow customers to pass the burden of vehicle supply, enhancement and delivery to us.

“Our single source approach provides customers with one point of contact for all their vehicle enhancement requirements. This reduces their time and costs. We add value through our range of consultancy and design services, which maximise the potential of the mobile space to achieve the best possible performance and efficiency. Bott-enhanced vehicles offer the best possible return on investment to the customer. Our supply chain strategy aims to minimise vehicle movements to reduce costs and help our customers meet their own environmental commitments.”

Pritesh continues: “Every sector has its own requirements and with over 30 years experience in providing vehicle enhancement for various sectors we understand the business operations in all industries including construction.

“We believe our facilities offer the most comprehensive solutions for customers in the UK. Our main enhancement facility in Ashby is complemented by our manufacturing and enhancement centre in Bude and a dedicated enhancement facility in Cumbernauld, which services Scotland and the north of England. Each of our facilities offers the same range of services and can also utilise the resources of the whole company to meet the requirements of local and national customers.”Bott Jul Aug 07 c

Pritesh believes Bott is truly unique, and explains: “Some companies offer conversion services and some offer invehicle storage products but few if any offer the complete end to end service that we can. We provide a full consultation service to allow us to develop a solution, which meets client requirements. Fleet managers,
operations managers and service managers need to be educated on strict health and safety guidelines and our staff can provide them with all the information in order to make sure the vehicle is used in an appropriate manner by the vehicle operative.

“Bott has a number of customers in the construction and related industries. All of these recognise our ability to offer solutions matched to their requirements and provide comprehensive after-sales services in this demanding industry.”

Bott is a renowned innovator and Pritesh is certain this tradition will continue: “We are always looking to improve and adapt. Listening to our clients is also important. The benefit of innovation is that the market evolves. By innovating Bott can anticipate emerging demand and then be ready to fulfil it as soon as possible.

“To offer an example, our Quickship service, for rapid delivery of preconfigured units, was introduced to meet demand for faster turn-round and reduce vehicle off road times for busy contractors. At the CV Show we announced a new range specifically for car-derived vans, which is a growing part of the market. More generally, our single source approach and project management services are innovative in the commercial vehicle sector.”

Talking about current industry trends, Pritesh explains: “The light commercial vehicle market is evolving with greater product diversity and stronger competition between manufacturers. With sales hitting 300,000 vehicles during 2006, it is clear that these industrial workhorses play a significant role in the economy.

“Enlightened end users understand that vehicles are more productive, provide a better return on investment and are safer when enhanced with additional equipment and facilities. Many are no longer satisfied with simple installation of storage and load handling equipment. For many people, including service engineers, delivery drivers and self-employed tradesmen, the van is their primary workplace. For these a properly enhanced vehicle can have a really positive impact on their working day in terms of comfort, productivity and safety.”

He concludes: “Specifying equipment for your vehicle or fleet can be a daunting experience. Not with Bott. We provide full support through every stage of the process from when we sit down to understand the customer’s requirements through to getting the finished vehicle or fleet delivered back to the client.”