Cabin fever

J.Murphy & Sons Limited (Murphy) has created a new eco-cabin that can help reduce energy use by up to 70 per cent at work sites. The cabin’s energy and water saving features include an advanced heating system which allows centralised control, motion sensitive lighting controlled via passive infrared sensors, non-concussive taps (taps where you have to press a button for water to turn on) timed flow urinals and dual flush toilets. These fuel-efficient factors have led to a reduction of around 75 per cent in water consumption and whole lifestyle costs, as well as improve the working environment.

To increase thermal performance, the eco-cabin is double glazed, with wall, floor and roof insulation to form a thermally efficient envelope. Additional features such as extra internal doors and installation of draft strips contribute to reducing heat loss.

John Coll, Murphy’s divisional director of procurement, plant and transport said: “The energy saving eco-cabins reflect Murphy’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact and providing the best possible facilities for our workforce. The cabins have already proved their worth by making a positive contribution to reducing energy consumption and costs. They are kind to the environment and have been very popular with staff.”