Capturing compliance

Carillion is improving communications and workflow management for BT Openreach with the help of a new mobile data capture solution, WorkMobile Construction.

Carillion has adopted the cloud service application to help manage the hundreds of subcontractors and companies that are carrying out the work involved in delivering nationwide civil engineering support to Openreach, such as the trenching and installation of ducts and erecting of telegraph poles. The app, which allows workers to capture data in real-time through mobile forms, can be accessed via the users’ smartphones, tablets, laptops or PCs.

Aimed specifically at the construction sector, the mobile form and data capture application helps businesses eliminate paperwork and capture information such as data, signatures, videos and photographs onto mobile devices. Mobile workers can also easily collect, monitor and share all manner of data on the move, and update back-office systems at the touch of a button.

Colin Yates, business programmes director at WorkMobile, said: “When Carillion signed a seven-year £1 billion support service contract to roll out BT’s Openreach, it faced a huge challenge when it came to managing the hundreds of subcontractors and companies that would be carrying out the work.

“We’ve provided them with the WorkMobile Construction app which is the perfect tool to provide an audit trail of evidence demonstrating all works are being carried out in a compliant fashion.”