Celebrating differences: how DGP champions diversity in construction logistics 

Formerly known as Dhesi Group Plc and DGP Logistics plc, DGP Plc is a renowned family-run specialist construction site logistics contractor with an impressive track record spanning over three decades. With a commitment to delivering excellence, the company has established itself as a trusted provider of top-notch logistics, security and general builders work solutions across the UK. Extensive experience and expertise enable the organisation to offer clients high-quality services that are both competitive and reliable. DGP has contributed to several prestigious projects, including The Shard London Bridge, London New Street Station and Birmingham New Street Station, as well as the RBS Headquarters in Edinburgh. With its proven capabilities, DGP continues to be a driving force in the construction industry. Saheb Dhesi, CEO, talks us through DGP’s latest rebranding effort.

“We are delighted to announce a significant milestone in our 35-year journey of providing exceptional logistics and support services to the construction industry and beyond. Today, we are proud to unveil a comprehensive rebranding initiative that aims to streamline our services and introduce clear divisions. Our core focus remains on logistics, where we continue to deliver efficiency and reliability to our clients. Additionally, we have expanded our offerings to include security, enhancing the safety of our clients’ valuable assets. Furthermore, our construction logistics planning division optimises project workflows, while our labour resourcing division addresses diverse labour demands. We now also provide storage and consolidation services to restructure our operations, and our builders work division offers tailored solutions for construction projects.

“Additionally, we are pleased to introduce our new brand and logo, and to announce the name change from DGP Logistics Plc to DGP Plc as part of our rebranding effort, which aligns with our divisional structure. Rest assured, it is still the same company with the same people, and our unwavering focus on delivering top-tier logistics services remains at the core of our operations. Alongside this rebranding, we have updated our mission to align with our evolving objectives, placing a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion. We recognise the immense value of diversity and inclusion in driving our success. Our new brand reflects our dedication to creating a more inclusive world, where every voice matters, every perspective is valued, and every individual can achieve their full potential. We are thrilled about the journey that lies ahead and eagerly anticipate further growth and innovation with our valued stakeholders,” he states.

Comprehensive blueprint
Indeed, DGP is already a diverse organisation that derives significant benefits from the contributions of individuals representing 22 nations and 20 ethnicities. Nevertheless, there remains considerable scope for further advancement in terms of equality and inclusion, which will enable the company to fully realise its ambitions in equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and achieve its strategic objective of becoming an outstanding employer. DGP’s EDI strategy provides a comprehensive blueprint for the next three years, concentrating its endeavours on three primary objectives, associated targets, as well as the establishment of a diversity and inclusion council and a dedicated team of equality champions. DGP’s primary objectives revolve around attracting, developing, and retaining diversity throughout the company. Furthermore, it aims to promote and integrate an inclusive culture within its organisation. Lastly, the company is dedicated to championing equality, diversity, and inclusion within the construction industry. Notably, DGP has made substantial strides in these areas over the past two years and now seeks the sustained support and commitment of all individuals to advance its EDI strategy even further.

Positive impacts
Diversity and inclusion hold a personal significance for Saheb, who is truly passionate about championing these causes. Over the past three years, Saheb has authored two books as part of a series of children’s books called ‘Ty D Sites.’ The primary objective of these books is to raise awareness about cultural diversity and celebrate the strength of a diverse workforce, bringing together individuals from various backgrounds and origins to form a cohesive and successful team. Saheb – along with everyone else at DGP – is deeply committed to showcasing to the next generation that the construction industry welcomes and values individuals irrespective of their race, religion, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. In essence, DGP aims to challenge existing mindsets and stereotypes by promoting these books and by organising entertaining workshops in schools, centred around the characters and content portrayed in the books.

In addition to its steadfast dedication to inclusion and diversity, DGP is addressing the environmental challenges faced by many industries. As a sustainability leader, DGP is actively engaged in safeguarding the planet for future generations. The company’s focus revolves around accelerating its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, implementing measures that promote a circular economy to eliminate waste from its operations, and supporting the flourishing of nature. DGP has adopted an annual stepped approach to effectively lower its GHG emissions. This involves implementing measures to enhance operational efficiencies in its day-to-day activities and aligning its carbon reduction ambitions with science-based emission targets. By doing so, the company is actively working towards reducing its environmental impact and contributing to the global efforts to combat climate change. Moreover, DGP is committed to reducing the use of non-recyclable materials and replacing disposable products with reusable alternatives. Taking it one step further, the company is taking measures to eliminate waste before it is even created. DGP’s goal is not only to mitigate and address the negative impacts of waste after it has been generated but also to manage waste as a valuable resource. By adopting proactive circularity measures, the company aims to create opportunities for waste prevention and promote a more sustainable approach to waste management.

By rebranding as DGP Plc and expanding its services, DGP reinforces its longstanding commitment to logistical excellence while embracing inclusivity. The company’s dedication to diversity initiatives and sustainability efforts reflects its determination to safeguard communities and the climate. Looking towards the future, DGP remains focused on continuous innovation in these areas and beyond, striving to make a positive impact in the decades to come.