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Formed in 2004, CPM Group is making waves in the field of sustainable water supply systems
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Formed in 2004, CPM Group is making waves in the field of sustainable water supply systems

Increasing urbanisation in the UK has heightened the worries about the provision of sustainable water supplies across the nation. CPM Group limited has tackled this dilemma head on since its formation in 2004, developing a number of unique solutions to this problem.

With over 100 years of experience in the concrete drainage industry amongst the senior management team, CPM Group is in a firm position to tackle the growing problem of managing a sustainable water supply.

CPM, formerly Grange Remix Limited, was formed from the amalgamation of the existing drainage business at Much Wenlock with three additional works at Mells, Pollington and Catterick purchased from Hanson Building Products.

Bob Smillie, CPM’s sales director recently spoke to Construction Today Europe about how the company is making waves in the area of sustainable water supply systems. He told us more about CPM’s core goals: “The CPM Group was formed in May 2004 with the aim of becoming the market-leading manufacturer in the UK concrete drainage industry. We continue to innovate and develop products for concrete drainage solutions and build long-term relationships with trading partners to become the supplier of choice.”

He adds: “We are the market leader in off-site solution products, yet we also have a popular range of on-site solutions we can offer to customers. The goals we set out with in 2004 remain the same, the only addition being our new and very popular portfolio of off-site solutions. Off-site is a niche market and has added a number of new innovations to the CPM Group product range.

“Our key strengths are that we have an extensive product range and get involved with the customer, listening to their requirements, developing innovative solutions. CPM is a growing company, which is reliable in terms of products and services. Continued innovation going forward will help us grow, as will our reputation for quality.”

Today, CPM has gone some way in achieving its goal of becoming a market leader in the manufacture of products for the concrete drainage industry. This is a fantastic
achievement given that the company only started trading three years ago. It is even more remarkable given that for two of those three years CPM has been in a period of rationalisation, streamlining the business and operations.

This rationalisation has resulted in a streamlined company profile. The works at Mells and Pollington have been retained alongside a major investment in Scotland. A new works and sales office opened in the summer of 2005 at Newmains near Glasgow, providing a local service for the Scottish market. Opened in January 2006, the office at Newmains is on the site previously occupied by ARC Pipes. The manufacturing facility was fully commissioned in mid 2005 and was awarded BSI Kitemark Certification for its products in September 2005.

When asked why the rationalisation was necessary, Bob explains: “We have rationalised to ensure that the best possible level of service is given to the industry and so that we are able to meet the industry’s needs in the future. Our production sites are now strategically situated throughout the country, meaning we can provide the most comprehensive and efficient nationwide service available.

“Over the last three years the company has grown rapidly and the tremendous growth we have achieved is down to our five-year expansion programme. Our investment in technology and manpower has helped considerably as well. We will continue to invest in this going forward in order to offer the best possible service to our clients.

“CPM is extremely focused on understanding customer requirements,” he continues. “The customers’ needs are very important to us. We work hand in hand with the customer and fulfil their requirements. We are not afraid to be innovative and often create products to help solve any customer requirement.”

Indeed, CPM’s continuous investment programme in modern technology guarantees clients consistently high quality products meeting the latest British and European Standards and Quality Assurance requirements.

With thoughts to the future, Bob looks at how the company will develop: “We will take the company forward by continuing to invest in new products. I wouldn’t say the industry is particularly buoyant at present; in fact it is a fairly static, with little growth. This will continue over the coming years. Despite this, we are ambitious and believe we will still achieve our aims.”

He adds: “The key areas of development for us are definitely water retention and water saving schemes. They will both play an important role in revolutionising the water industry. What is equally significant to us is that we must also continue our philosophy of continual investment, as it is this, which allows us to innovate and grow.

“Following on from that, we must continue to stay close to the customers. Our customer philosophy is unique and we remain committed to providing cost effective solutions to their problems. Our customers’ needs are changing and they require more from us today then they perhaps demanded in the past. As the industry continues to revolutionise, we will need to grow in order to meet the challenges of the future. There are no concrete plans in place yet as to how we will grow, due to the recent investments we have already made, but watch this space.”

It is clear that for both environmental and economic reasons the water systems of the UK are due for further change and CPM Group has demonstrated through the innovation and performance of its products, that it is ready for the looming challenge. Bob concludes: “We listen to the customer and their requirements and needs. That is the secret to our success – we meet customer expectations. We are ready to meet the needs of the future and have already demonstrated our ability to problem solve.”