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Since its foundation in 1985, Damar International has developed its product portfolio and expertise to become a leading distributor of tooling solutions
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Since its foundation in 1985, Damar International has developed its product portfolio and expertise to become a leading distributor of tooling solutions

Celebrating 30 years in operation, Damar International has grown from its humble beginnings as a supplier to the wire industries to become a renowned specialist supplier of quality hand tools, machinery and equipment for a diverse range of sectors. In fact, the company currently imports from over 30 countries and exports the products of more than 300 manufacturers to over 50 countries to ensure customer satisfaction to those in markets ranging from the wire and cable industry, construction, fencing, railway, sheet metal working, the automotive industry, woodwork, accident rescue services and the nuclear industry.

Keen to remain competitive, the company has significantly increased its product portfolio over the last decade, which has resulted in strong customer demand, as Brian Martin, Founder and Managing Director of Damar International states: “The last ten years have shown an ever increasing range of product additions and even more companies wanting to link with Damar International. Damar Issue 117 bWe now number 300 suppliers and continue to expand with more innovative and advanced technological contacts all the time.

“We operate as suppliers of tools, equipment and machinery to all sectors of industry; we are also known as a sourcing company for specialised and bespoke requirements. In more generalised terms, we act as a one-stop-shop to help customers in obtaining various products from one supplier. Because we supply into all of the industrial sectors, our client base covers all major companies in areas as diverse as construction, engineering, automotive, military, oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, power and energy. In addition, we also supply to traditional markets of wire and cable, fencing, gardening, woodworking and specialised products for health and safety,” he continues.

Based in Leicester, Damar International has earned a strong reputation thanks to its purpose built warehouse facility on its Clipper Road premises, where the company brings together its enviable product portfolio under one roof. It is here that the firm offers demonstrations of its bespoke machinery and workshop equipment, should this be required. Furthermore, 95 per cent of orders for main range tool kits are despatched the same day, which has boosted Damar International’s reputation for efficiency, reliability and service. “Our strength lies not only in the fact that we offer the best quality products, but also in the way we believe in the old fashioned approach of giving a personal service to the customers, which ensures they return to us again and again while also recommending us to others. Many of our contacts are coming from new companies who have been told to approach us for help,” says Brian.

Moreover, the company has gained recognition as the world’s leading supplier of hand tools and tool kits by stocking this equipment from all of the major global manufacturers and exporting these items to more than 50 countries. Elaborating further on the strong partnerships that Damar International has created over the years, Brian says: “With so many partners it is difficult to generalise as to the reasons we offer their particular products, other than to say it is because these items are the best solutions available when you are looking for quality and reliability. The width in ranges and capability of supply is what makes us unique, which is why so many manufacturers across the globe benefit from our extensive portfolio.”

By working only with leading players in each of their chosen markets, Damar International can deliver to the most stringent of industries, such as railway or oil and gas, in confidence. “The railway industry has particular needs that require a professional supply of many products, whether that may be maintenance tools, safety tools, a Hazet fold down trolley for under train pit servicing, Damar Issue 117 cKukko bearing pullers or even Berma engraving equipment for marking the bogies. Not forgetting Rhino post drivers, Damar wire tools and Gripple fencing products for beside the track solutions,” highlights Brian. “Meanwhile, Slide Sledge, an award winning sledge hammer concept, offers special cotton pin removal tools and C. Walter has a long history of supplying Deutsche Bahn with special torque multipliers; this is just an indication as to the extent of Damar International’s capability to the railways.”

Although the company enjoys incredible demand on a global scale, it has chosen not to rest on its laurels and instead has embraced the opportunity to further expand its customer base with an even stronger web presence. Indeed, Damar International, under the twitter name @Damarint, offers returning and potential customers updates on products available on its eBay site, as well as breaking news within the company. To further reach its customers, Damar International also has a Facebook page.

Alongside its progression into social media, the company celebrated its 30 year anniversary with the launch of a brand new multi-website (www.damar.biz), a five-in-one site, which features an extensive package of information from the majority of its specialist supply partners, as Brian notes: “Our new multi section website is the first phase of an ongoing development to expand the site; this will further help customers identify and find their requirements from the one source.”

With a new website in place and a major milestone passed, Damar International can look to the future with confidence as it continues to deliver top notch equipment to its diverse customer base, as Brian concludes: “Over the 30 years of trading we have been at the top end of the quality market as this ensures customer satisfaction. Meeting such demands is more difficult than selling cheap volume items as our target market is a professional and more discerning customer base; however, this also means our customers are the biggest and strongest companies around and those who value our long-term expertise.”

Damar International

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