Digital tool delivery

Mott MacDonald and key partner Fujitsu have delivered the Tools for the Technology Operations Capability (T-TOC) project developing and implementing a suite of software tools that monitor and manage electronic assets across Highways England’s network.

With nearly 100,000 intelligent infrastructure devices across Highways England’s strategic road network (SRN), the efficiency and reliability of their operation and maintenance is critical for the safety of Highways England customers and future infrastructure programmes. T-TOC enables a more efficient system of electronic traffic management, allowing Highways England to centralise operational decision-making, providing data that informs demand models, predicts future needs and identifies areas for investment.

Alison Mackenzie, Mott MacDonald’s project director, said: “Having successfully delivered traffic and infrastructure management technology for Highways England since 1998, we have a deep understanding of the critical role these tools have supporting the SRN. We’re proud of the collaborative, agile delivery approach we’ve developed with Highways England and Fujitsu to implement the T-TOC system, ultimately helping to improve the performance and availability of SRN technology assets. This supports Highways England in meeting the requirements of the UK Government’s Roads Investment Strategy.”

Highways England senior project manager Janet Foreman added: “With T-TOC successfully rolled out across all of Highways England’s regions this will mean safer, more reliable journeys for road users, as well as improved safety for those working out on the network.”