Doubled fleet

West Point Construction has added eight more custom Kubota KX057-4 excavators to the six bought from supplier BTE Plant Sales Ltd in July 2016. Plant and Equipment Manager, Jodie McGinn, commented: “We’re thrilled to be taking on more Kubota’s, they’re essential to our work and the guys on site love them. Thanks to Kubota’s quality and BTE’s bespoke customer approach, we can now operate efficiently and meet deadlines without stress or extra cost. With improved operator comfort, reliability and performance, we are able to maximise the potential of our resources, eliminating the time and costs we used to face on a regular basis. We haven’t needed a repair once in almost a year of having our KX057-4s, so our confidence in the brand is very high.”

BTE has taken Kubota’s customisability to the next level, fitting the excavators with automated flashing beacons that respond to the status of the driver’s seatbelt. In addition to Kubota’s anti-theft technology, the new machines are all fitted with Trakm8’s telematics technology. This allows the team in West Point’s central office to remotely monitor the excavators’ location, fuel usage, service warnings and operator performance. As expected the KX057-4 is also fully compliant with the new EN474-5 safety legislation.