Driving more success

Temporary works specialist Mabey Hire has added a trio of new Auger drills to its vast product catalogue. The new Auger range offers a safer and faster way of driving sheet piles into difficult conditions than is currently offered by traditional piling methods, breaking up earth to effectively turn cohesive into non-cohesive soil.

The Auger is fitted in exactly the same way as the Excavator Mounted Vibrator (EMV), and utilises the same excavator. This significantly reduces the cost of transport in piling projects, and lessens the need for crane equipment, offering a substantial saving in time, cost and other resources.

Stevie Smillie, Piling Attachment Services Division Manager, said: “Nine times out of ten, when a customer uses our EMVs, the trench sheets go in easily. But if our customer has drilled a bore hole and knows the ground is really hard two to three metres down, we would recommend they take an Auger.”

Among the key benefits of the new Auger offering is its versatility. With a range of models to choose between, the drills can provide solutions for several different excavator sizes – ranging from five to 45 tonnes and an extension bar can also be easily attached for greater drilling depth.