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Emil Lundgren AB is one of the leading contractors in electricity, information systems and instrumentation in Sweden
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Emil Lundgren AB is one of the leading contractors in electricity, information systems and instrumentation in Sweden

Founded in 1919, Emil Lundgren’s operations include the design and installation of high and low voltage plants, telecommunications and computer networks, instrumentation plants, process control and monitoring, as well as maintenance services in Sweden, Norway, Hungary and Poland. The company’s customers include the automobile, food, assembly, oil, petrochemical, offshore and power generation industries, as well as airports, railways, hospitals and the public sector.

Emil Lundgren also offers functioning service and maintenance units with specially trained technicians for its assignments. The business co-ordinates the different types of installations required in each project and takes total responsibility for the jobs it executes. This means that Emil Lundgren’s customers are presented with well-planned technical solutions, sound economy and efficient time schedules.

The business is part of the French company, VINCI Energies, which has around 30,000 employees and a turnover of approximately three billion euros. This gives Emil Lundgren vast possibilities for development and exchange of experience.

VINCI Energies is a leader in its various markets in France and today is establishing itself as one of the leading players in the European market. Operating in around 20 European countries, the group generates approximately 30 per cent of its net sales outside France.

The VINCI organisation’s mastery in several complementary areas of expertise enables it to develop solutions with high added-value in the sectors in which it participates, including infrastructure, the service sector and telecommunications. Around 700 business units, which are well established in their markets and united through a strongly linked network, are responsible for the execution of projects. VINCI Energies, in its approach as an integrator of global solutions, supports its customers at all stages in their local, multi-site and international projects.

A particular strength of VINCI Energies is the quality and the diversity of its products and services, but also its management style, which is focused on networking, team empowerment and trust in people.

As Sweden’s sixth largest electrical contractor, Emil Lundgren specialises in large, complex projects. The business encompasses project planning, installation, service and maintenance within the electricity, information systems and instrumentation sectors. The company often works with major projects that can last for several years. Furthermore, its customers are primarily within the engineering and construction industry.

One example of a particularly important project, Emil Lundgren has undertaken includes providing project management services for a new conventional thermal power station in Sweden. At the end of 2005, the business implemented the electrical equipment for a new combined cycle heat and power station in the port of Rya for Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB. Looking to the future, Emil Lundgren plans to work on some major contracts with Swedish house builders.

Across all of its products and projects, Emil Lundgren provides an outstanding service, which is certified according to ISO 9001:2000. This standard is intended for use in any organisation, which designs, develops, manufactures and installs any product or provides any form of service. It provides a number of requirements, which Emil Lundgren has fulfilled in order to achieve customer satisfaction through consistent products and services, which meet customer expectations. It also includes a requirement for the continual improvement of the quality management system.

Furthermore, with environmental issues becoming an increasingly significant issue within the construction industry, the company is accredited to the ISO 14001 environmental certification. This standard is primarily concerned with environmental management. For Emil Lundgren to achieve this, it had to prove it has minimised any harmful effect on the environment caused by its activities and achieved continual improvement of its environmental performance.

Like all VINCI Energies companies, Emil Lundgren is gradually incorporating sustainable development concepts into its business activities. The business is continually working towards implementing best practices in the fields of social and environmental responsibility. Furthermore, in order to overcome the increasing challenge of the lack of skilled people in the construction industry, the VINCI Energies organisation, including Emil Lundgren, has developed a winning working culture.

The company seeks to create an environment enabling each individual to contribute to the best of their ability. This is achieved by a management process, which is based on empowerment, accountability and trust. This organisation structure encourages openness and exchange of ideas, and a human resources policy based on the recognition of proficiency.

Thanks to VINCI Energies’ expertise in different and complementary sectors, Emil Lundgren is able to develop solutions offering high quality services in its various lines of business. The company is now aiming to deliver the most suitable local solutions for itscustomers. Being close to its clients enables Emil Lundgren to build-up an in-depth knowledge of their processes, therefore meeting their exact requirements.