Enhancing Safety in the Dark: Introducing Tensator’s NightView Reflective Barrier

Tensator has addressed the concerns of health and safety professionals and night shift workers across the construction industry with the launch of its new reflective barrier product, NightView.

Incorporating reflective strands woven directly into the webbing of the barrier, NightView is an ideal solution for highlighting potential hazardous areas to night shift staff, or for those working in environments with restricted light such as construction professionals or miners.

It can also be used to mark hazards or non-accessible areas to members of the public, often in place to alert traffic during highway construction projects on dangerous roads.

The product is also compatible with all Tensator’s Airport Passenger Guidance systems, which can be used to create a clearer pathway for passengers during the hours of darkness, particularly for vehicles that are navigating the runway during the hours of darkness.

Brett Hellyer, Business Development Manager at Tensator, comments: “Over 600,000 nonfatal injuries were reported by workers in 2014/15, with the risk of being involved in an accident rising by 36 per cent during the hours of darkness. The chance of a slip, trip or fall or being struck by an object in the workplace will always be present, but technology such as NightView could have a significant impact and help reduce the risk of accidents and potential injuries.”