European partnership

The Stronghouse app is a digital one stop-shop where owners can carry out a self-assessment to find out more about the energy efficiency of their homes and to receive guidance, support and information on available grants to renovate their homes. The new platform also offers advice on European Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), tips on energy efficiency and solutions to help homeowners invest in energy efficiency.

“Stronghouse wants to redesign the system to gain a better understanding of the factors that motivate homeowners,” said Professor David Gray, project lead at RGU. “Whilst doing so, we will help them invest and reduce the environmental footprint of their homes and develop innovative digital tools to help them do this.

“The energy used by buildings has been a key research theme for The Scotts School of Architecture and Built Environment for many years, and this project is another example of collaboration with the School of Creative and Cultural Business. Stronghouse is a brilliant example of the positive effects of research undertaken with partners from across Europe, from both the public and private sectors. The immediate usefulness of this project to home owners is really clear and will help to improve issues of fuel poverty.”