eviFile: Setting New Standards in Digital Evidence Collection for Construction Projects

Construction projects can now benefit from a secure digital evidence collection platform believed to be the world’s first to adhere to principles set out by the Home Office in The Association of Chief Police Officers’ (ACPO) digital evidence guidelines.

Business software specialist eviFile has launched its software as a service (SaaS) product of the same name to set new standards in terms of security and digital inspection for the UK construction industry. The product also allows a flexible workflow.

Developed over an 18-month period, eviFile is already being used in the UK construction, infrastructure and utilities sectors by contractors to satisfy clients that work has been successfully completed to required standards and timescales, whilst simultaneously protecting against disputes.

The company also expects its platform to be of use for intermediaries working within those sectors, including lawyers and building, project and engineering consultancies.

eviFile works via standard tablets and smartphones, enabling field operatives to use their device’s cameras and GPS capabilities to capture evidence of work completed. Every use is securely captured with tamper-proof information on time, date, geographical location, user and device orientation.

The founders of the platform aim to create a new ‘gold standard’ for evidence collection in UK infrastructure and construction projects, whilst also expanding into Europe and the United States to achieve the same objective.