Explore Andel’s journey in revolutionising sustainability and water management across the world 

With over 30 years of experience, Andel Ltd has evolved into a world leading environmental company at the cutting edge of water, oil, and gas resource control and management within both the built and natural environments. Willem Lewis, Operations Director, shares an overview of the company’s history and services. “Since its inception in 1992, Andel has established itself as a global leader in specialist leak detection, water sustainability, flood defence, and environmental protection systems. Headquartered in Dodworth, South Yorkshire, Andel owns an operational depot in Essex and overseas offices in the Netherlands and Romania. This broad geographical footprint empowers us to export our products to over 25 countries around the world. At Andel, we address our customers’ challenges by activelyBlack waste tank on low-loader listening to and understanding their needs. Leveraging our years of hands-on experience, our dedicated team has developed unrivalled commercial knowledge and a practical, cost-effective approach. Having earned an enviable reputation for innovation and cutting-edge research and development in our field, we cater to a diverse customer base which includes renowned establishments such as the Houses of Parliament, Royal Palaces, International Airports, and Google. In addition, we work with various air, rail, bus, truck, and marine operators, as well as national and local government entities, health and educational institutions, police and fire departments, rescue and military services, water, gas, electricity, communications providers, fuel and oil storage and distribution services, banks, retailers, and charities,” he begins.  

Encouraging water conservation 

Willem elaborates on Andel’s diverse range of services as well as their unique purposes. “Our core focus in leak detection revolves around the protection of various assets, such as artwork in museums, critical equipment in data centres, and infrastructure, from potential water, oil, or gas leaks that could damage them. In addition to our leak detection services, we do crucial work within water sustainability. Andel realises that water is a vital, albeit limited, resource that is facing threats due to global warming and increasingly frequent flooding. Thus, we strive to manage this resource properly with innovative solutions like our Hydraloop system. This product enables in-house water recycling by reusing tap water from showers, baths, washing machines, heat pumps, and air conditioning units for flushing the toilet, thereby encouraging water conservation by either giving it second uses or cleaning it and using it for alternative purposes.  

“When it comes to oil storage, Andel prioritises leak prevention, especially given the hazardous nature of oil. We acknowledge that oil is detrimental to the environment but unfortunately, it is so intertwined into our infrastructure that it is set to remain essential to our society for a long time. Consequently, Andel ensures that its clients operate and maintain their tanks and equipment properly to avoid any oil leaks that would cause environmental damage. Our operations with oil are conducted in a sustainable manner, adhering to regulations and minimising waste,” he enlightens. 

Wildflower meadow openingReflecting on his own journey, Willem reveals what led him to join Andel. “I moved to the UK about 20 years ago, initially with the intention to stay temporarily. However, fate had other plans and I decided to reside here permanently. During my time here, I pursued studies and worked in various roles in the construction industry. Eventually, I began working for a local authority in London where I operated within a waste transfer station. There, through witnessing firsthand how wasteful we can be, I learned about the importance of sustainability and the need to use resources smartly and efficiently. Subsequently, I joined Andel, originally as a project manager. Andel’s ethos and commitment to sustainability resonated deeply with my own values, and I had always been drawn to working for smaller companies for several reasons. One of the advantages of working for a smaller company like Andel is the opportunity to have your voice heard and make tangible change, even when working with a more constrained budget. Additionally, smaller companies often promote from within, thus fostering career progression. Indeed, while my journey with Andel began as a senior project manager, I have now moved on to being a director and shareholder in the business,” he adds.  

Positive environmental impact 

Committed to reach Net Zero by 2025, Andel’s efforts were rewarded with the Sustainable or Ethical Manufacturer Award at the Made in Yorkshire Awards, and most recently at Made in Sheffield Awards. Willem reflects on the initiatives that led to this award: “Andel has made significant changes to achieve its net-zero targets. For instance, we have begun replacing our fleet with electric vehicles, with chargers installed at our head office for staff use. Notably, between 2019 and 2021, Andel reduced its fossil fuel fleet by 80 per cent, with plans to further reduce its size and decarbonise the remaining vehicles. In June 2022, we hired a dedicated Net Zero and sustainability coordinator to facilitate and oversee the initiatives necessary to reach our initial target. This strategic move has transformed our ambitious goals into reality, thereby generating a positive impact that would not have been feasible without this level of dedication. Furthermore, Andel has been recognised by the Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission in the Achiever category for our continuous efforts and the strategies we have implemented. In addition, last year, we created a wildflower meadow outside our head office to promote sustainability and inspire others to adopt small changes which have far-reaching impacts. The meadow has reduced our grounds maintenance costs, enhanced biodiversity, revitalised the industrial estate, and sequestered carbon in the soil,” he ends. 

Looking ahead, Andel’s strong reputation for innovation and leadership in driving sustainability forward is poised to continue fostering positive environmental change.