Galliford Try Secures £69M Contract for New Scottish School

Galliford Try has won a significant £69 million contract to build a new secondary school in Cumbernauld, Scotland. This prestigious project, awarded by North Lanarkshire Council, aims to replace the current Cumbernauld Academy with a state-of-the-art educational facility designed to enhance the learning environment for students and serve the broader community.

Project Details

The new Cumbernauld school will accommodate 1,200 pupils, providing modern teaching spaces, advanced sports facilities, and versatile community areas. This initiative is part of North Lanarkshire Council’s broader strategy to invest in educational infrastructure, ensuring that students have access to top-tier learning environments. The school will feature cutting-edge design elements by Ryder Architecture, incorporating energy-efficient materials and sustainable practices to minimise environmental impact​.

Construction is set to begin later this year, with the new school expected to open in 2026. Galliford Try’s Morrison Construction division will lead the project, leveraging its extensive experience in delivering large-scale educational facilities. This project marks a significant milestone in Galliford Try’s ongoing commitment to the education sector, aligning with its sustainable growth strategy.

Galliford Try’s focus on the education sector is underscored by this major contract. The company has a robust track record in delivering educational projects, reflecting its strategic commitment to this vital sector. Mike Lane, Galliford Try’s Building North East & Scotland managing director, expressed enthusiasm about the project: “We look forward to creating a high-quality new facility that will make a positive contribution to the local community”.

Sustainability Initiatives

A key aspect of this project is its emphasis on sustainability. The new school will incorporate energy-efficient designs and materials, aligning with Galliford Try’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. The project is part of the Scottish Government’s Learning Estate Investment Programme, supported by Renfrewshire Council and the Scottish Futures Trust. This initiative aims to deliver modern, sustainable educational facilities across Scotland, setting new standards in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The construction of the new school is expected to bring significant benefits to the local community. Not only will it provide a modern, high-quality learning environment for students, but it will also create job opportunities during the construction phase. The project is seen as a critical investment in the region’s educational infrastructure, enhancing the quality of education and supporting local communities.

Galliford Try’s successful acquisition of this contract is a testament to its expertise and reputation in the construction industry. The company continues to expand its presence in the education sector, positioning itself as a leader in delivering high-quality, sustainable educational facilities. This project is expected to bolster Galliford Try’s portfolio and pave the way for future contracts in the region and beyond.

With construction set to begin soon, the new Cumbernauld school is poised to become a benchmark for modern educational facilities in Scotland, reflecting the latest advancements in sustainable design and construction practices​.