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Incorporating a quarter of a century of providing innovative on-site support services, Garic Ltd. has established itself as a trusted partner to clients operating throughout the construction industry
An on – site partner

Incorporating a quarter of a century of providing innovative on-site support services, Garic Ltd. has established itself as a trusted partner to clients operating throughout the construction industry

Since the company was founded in 1988, Garic Ltd. has grown to represent one of the largest and most trusted plant and site equipment providers currently in operation within the UK. Garic operates as part of the wider Bibby Line Group, a diverse and forwardlooking family business with over 200 years of experience in providing personal, responsive and highly flexible customer solutions. The company is present throughout a range of busy industry sectors ranging from shipping to financial services. Bibby Line represents one of the longest established family-owned firms that today provides a strong base of support from which Garic is able to serve clients across a host of applications.

During the past 25 years Garic has expanded to undertake operations within the construction, industrial and infrastructure segments. Across each of these markets the company has established itself as a leading player in the manufacture, hire and sale of a broad range of equipment that represents everything that clients might require on site including:

  • Welfare and accommodation units
  • Environmental solutions
  • Dust control
  • Wheel and boot washing
  • Fuel and water storage
  • Storage solutions

Indeed, the main strength of

Garic comes from the company’s ability to provide a varied and flexible portfolio of services that can be tailored to meet the bespoke requirements of its clients across several demanding markets. “We are essentially a site services business, what this means in real terms is that we provide equipment on both a hire and manufactured sale basis and support these products with our unique services including monitoring, asset management, installation, logistics and waste, water & fuel servicing. The company’s plant and site equipment services are further supported by a dynamic fleet of environment and sustainability related products, which start form a brownfield position and incorporate power, waste and water solutions,” Neil Richardson, Sales Director. “Our primary market sectors are presently within infrastructure, which means that the highways, rail and utilities markets are where we are currently most active. This has been a considerable shift across the business in recent years.”

To ensure that the company remains at the forefront of the construction industry Garic works to provide an exceptional level of customer service. Furthermore, the business is proud to represent the only plant and welfare provider in the UK to deliver five-star equipment servicing options across all of its welfare and site accommodation units. This is further backed by a suite of 24/7 in-house maintenance and transport operations, which are available across the company’s hire, sales and bespoke site solutions.

By maintaining a strong focus on continued research and development (R&D) programmes Garic is able to develop innovative technologies for use throughout the on-site operations of its clients. The company employs its own in-house R&D, design and manufacturing teams that enable it to develop bespoke new solutions, while further enhancing its extensive base of existing products. “By employing our own R&D teams and manufacturing a lot of our own equipment we have secured a number of global patents across some incredibly unique products. We install full waste water and fuel management solutions across all of our vehicles, where we have championed the use of innovative metrics and water monitoring options,” Neil says. “These systems allows Garic to effectively manage and monitor waste water and fuel levels, while providing comprehensive services where and when they are needed. The use of new technologies and dynamic services are the driving force of the business and are ultimately what sets us apart from many other operators.”

During July 2016 Garic announced the company’s first contract award for an innovative ‘misting’ spray cannon solution. This was achieved through a deal signed with ADM Regeneration to supply spray cannons and equipment to assist the firm in completing demolition operations within a confined space. Garic had previously meticulously researched the market to find the best dust and odour suppression products to complement its existing range of welfare and site set up equipment. The business is now the sole UK and Ireland distributor for MB Dust Control’s spray cannons, which are manufactured within the Netherlands. “Our new dust cannon range is generating a lot of interest. We’ve got quite a few units being trialled with companies from a number of sectors including materials handling, ports and waste management but this is our first sale to a demolition company,” says Head of Business Development, Paul Willis. “We were confident the cannons would be popular once demolition and asbestos removal companies could see how extensive the range is and how effective they are – we have got off to a great start with ADM Regeneration’s order.”

During the coming year Garic will continue to provide expert on-site services and innovative new technologies with an aim to further expand the business throughout the market. “We would like to double the size of the business over the next three to four years, which could see the acquisition of other specialised businesses that support our core activities,” Neil concludes. “Continued investment into the development of our products and R&D operations will make sure that we remain at the forefront of the market and we will be unveiling several new products throughout 2017 including solar powered drying rooms, solar tower lights and welfare.”

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