Gripple strikes again

Gripple has launched Fast Trak™ which is designed for even faster and easier installation of many mechanical and electrical services, particularly where ceiling space is limited. Up to six times faster to install than traditional methods, including threaded rod and channel, the product offers tool-free adjustment, and an ideal solution for instances where ceiling space is less than 800mm.

Fast Trak™ comprises metal tracks, from 284mm to 534mm in length, accompanied by mounting brackets, from 309mm to 959mm long, and is designed to suit differing installations in residential buildings, high-rise office blocks, hotels, hospitals, open retail spaces or transportation hubs. For quick and simple measuring, there are indicators at the end of each a bracket as a handy guide.

The benefits of the system include its compact size and efficient, Fast Trak™ systems are delivered to site in pre-cut lengths, which not only reduces vehicle movements during transport and eases handling on-site but also eliminates cutting, and filing with no need for a ‘hot works’ permit, making the system safer to install. Prior to installation Fast Trak™ systems can be stacked on-site in small areas to reduce storage and promote cleaner working environments. Another benefit is the system’s adjustability during installation.