Ground-breaking consortium

CEMEX is part of an innovative consortium of 21 partners to deliver a ground-breaking supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2) waste heat recovery system at its Prachovice cement plant in the Czech Republic. The project aims to generate up to eight per cent of the cement plant’s electricity needs. The consortium has obtained nearly €14m funding from the Horizon 2020 Industrial (Waste) Heat to Power conversion call, to drive implementation and testing of the technology over a four-year project period starting in June 2021.

Comprising of both profit and non-profit organisations, the consortium will use a special configuration of heat exchangers and heat transfer fluid for higher efficiency.

“The new sCO2 technology has a smaller footprint and higher operational flexibility than conventional power plant cycles, which produce power from turbines using water or steam,” explained Karol Czubara, CEMEX’s Prachovice Cement Plant Director.