Highly efficient homes

A new eco home model launched by housing group Hastoe is promising utility bills that are 90 per cent lower than in a standard new build home. The Vivohaus – now available at Hastoe’s new homes development in Wimbish near Saffron Walden, Essex – is based on Passivhaus technology, a form of highly energy efficient house construction that results in much lower energy bills. A family living in a 70m2 (750 sq ft) Vivohaus with gas heating could find that they are only paying £130 on energy per year.

The Vivohaus design incorporates high levels of insulation, as well as creating a ‘tea cosy’ effect eliminating all thermal bridges through which heat can escape, while retaining all of the heat generated by solar gain, occupants and appliances. This means the interior stays warm in winter with very little additional heating required and cool in the summer, while minimising dust and draughts. The system provides a constant supply of fresh filtered air to the house creating a healthy and ventilated environment and incorporates a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery system that is 92 per cent efficient at transferring heat from stale air back into the incoming air.