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Having assembled a vast range of innovative and easy to use professional flooring tools and machines, Janser UK has established itself as a partner of choice for the British construction and flooring industries

Originally established solely as a distributor to the flooring and associated industries in 1961, it did not take Janser too long to develop its capacity. The 1970s saw the company make its first steps in tool and machine manufacturing, which coincided with the beginning of its international expansion. Today, Janser employs approximately 160 staff, half of which are based in its headquarters in Ehningen, Germany, and runs subsidiaries in nine different countries that serve the business’ more than 50,000 customers worldwide.

Janser UK is one of the said subsidiaries, having supported its parent company’s activities in Britain since 1986. “For more than 30 years, we have served the UK flooring industry with a wide range of machines, tools, and handling equipment,” Sales Director, Caius Kane points out, also saying that during this period, the company has established a solid network of distributors nationwide, as well as a loyal base of direct consumers in the hire, construction, and utilities industries.

Offering a vast array of products, Janser UK’s range includes floor grinding and preparation machines, incorporating the latest technology with regards to diamond grinding segments, as well as hand-held grinding machines. Caius adds: “Floor removal machines, including the recently improved Ride-On stripping machines, together with a number of self-propelled hydraulic machines form just part of an extensive line-up – with larger machines complemented by more compact machines for smaller area jobs and stair work etc.

“All of our machines and tools are of the highest quality, which is one of our core strengths as a business. In addition, we are known for regularly freshening our product range by introducing new items, which improve on-site results significantly. When doing that, we always take into account the views and comments made by machine users, who are the people whose requirements matter most in our development of new products. Wherever possible, we also make improvements based on field reports keeping ourselves close to operators and making sure that we understand real working environments,” he discusses.

Catalogue highlights
Adhering to this philosophy, Janser UK has witnessed steady growth in sales across its range of products in the past 18 months. “Our offering of floor stripping machines and floor grinding machines is now proving especially popular due to recent in-house product development in these areas. In the field of sub-floor grinding, in particular, the effectiveness of the grinding segments is so important, that significant R&D efforts have been undertaken to ensure that contractors have the right tools for varying on-site conditions,” Caius comments.

The company has recently launched its new catalogue, called Catalogue 113, which includes all of its latest machine and hand-tool offerings. “I would say that the catalogue’s main highlights are two floor stripping machines – the aforementioned Ride-On ADB and Master Mobil II, as well as two surface grinding machines – Colibri and BS 330,” Caius notes.

“Adhesives for floor coverings have been improved regularly over the past few years. This means that the removal of floor coverings has become more difficult and in many cases, conventional hand-held or electrical strippers could not be used efficiently,” he analyses. “Because of this, 15 years ago, we introduced our Ride-On strippers – first the 230V cable version, and later, the battery model. Today, a few hundred of these large machines are used every day in Europe to remove various glued floor coverings with maximum stripping performance, especially for commercial projects where floors have to be removed quickly, in order to install new ones to a deadline.”

Featuring improved direct drive hydraulics and an extremely low noise level while in operation, the Master Mobil II is without a doubt one of the shining stars for Janser UK at the moment. The model is equipped with an adjustable guide handle, so it can suit different working conditions and the size of the operator. The ‘flat’ handle position that can be achieved, along with the fact that weights can be easily removed, makes the transportation of the product much easier, giving it another advantage over similar strippers. Last but not least, the Master Mobil II is supplied with five different blade profiles that can be used accordingly, depending on the material that needs to be removed.

Product demonstrations
On the grinding front, the BS 330 combines in itself two functions, as it can be used as both surface and edge grinding machine with its powerful 1.5kW motor generating enormous grinding performance on small and medium surfaces. What is more, the machine can be converted without tools and in a matter of seconds, to a perfectly-matched edging machine. The grinding head can be adjusted with a clever locking system in both directions, meaning that both the right and the left side of the machine can be used for edge treatment, significantly simplifying the grinding work in the edge region.

Weighing only 35kg, the Colibri floor grinding machine offers high surface performance, whilst still being competitively priced. Its double-folding handles enables its easy transportation and the availability of a dust guard caters for its dust-free operation. Furthermore, the Colibri features a water level for the setting of the grinding disk, thus ensuring even grinding performance on any surface.

Heading into 2019, one of the year’s early highlights for Janser UK is expected to be the company’s participation at the UK Concrete Show in March. “Multiple demonstrations of some of our special floor grinding machines and floor strippers will be performed. Moreover, we would also like to introduce our new range of subfloor preparation equipment at the show,” Caius discloses. “We are also planning on highlighting another product area that is dust extraction. To this end, we will present a range of vacuum equipment that can be easily connected to our machines, in a way to emphasise our aim to develop working environments that are as clean and non-hazardous as they can possibly be for contractors – an issue that continues to grow in importance across the industry.

“Thinking about our long-term plans, first and foremost, we are committed to continue developing innovative machines that add real value to operators by making on-site tasks easier and faster. It is also important for us to maintain high levels of service and repair, as part of our vision of supporting our customers out in the field,” he concludes.

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