Keeping tunnels safe

New unique tunnel monitoring technology from SICK can help tunnel operators and owners achieve early warning of unsafe visibility and pollution conditions inside road and rail tunnels and ensure the safety of vehicle occupants and tunnel staff.

The SICK VISIC100SF visibility, carbon monoxide and nitric oxide (CO/NO) sensor is a high-reliability tunnel environment monitor and is the only sensor to combine scattered light measurement with electrochemical cell sensing in a single, compact housing.

“Poor environmental conditions in tunnels can make vehicle operation very hazardous for drivers and personnel,” points out Jon Slater, SICK UK traffic management specialist. “Poor visibility leads to higher accident risk. Carbon Monoxide and Nitrous Oxide build-up can cause drowsiness and illness, as well as possible long-term health effects.

“The SICK VISIC100SF enables tunnel operators to anticipate dangerous build-up and implement mitigation measures such as ventilation or restricted entry. It can even operate reliably in foggy conditions.”