KLEMM Bohrtechnik

KLEMM Bohrtechnik is a leader in the development and manufacture of anchor drill rig technology
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KLEMM Bohrtechnik is a leader in the development and manufacture of anchor drill rig technology

Having reached its 50th anniversary in 2013, when it comes to the production of drilling equipment KLEMM Bohrtechnik can draw on years of industry knowledge and experience. The company is proud of its rich heritage of manufacturing in Germany, and used the occasion of five decades of success to launch a new brand slogan – Dynamic Power – and to emphasise the attributes that support it: reliability, customer focus, efficiency and determination.

Under the umbrella of this brand slogan KLEMM Bohrtechnik develops and manufactures hydraulic drill rigs and drilling accessories for all types of drilling jobs in special foundation construction. It KLEMM Issue 107 bproduces drilling rigs that are used across the world for foundation and banking work, in the production of roadways both above and below ground, in reservoir dams, on drilling ships and drilling platforms and for the development of renewable energy generation.

The KLEMM Bohrtechnik product range encompasses the whole palette of hydraulic drilling rigs for anchor hole, injections, overlay and double head drilling, as well as the associated hydraulic drifters, rotary heads and double head drilling systems with efficient drilling accessories. Numerous patents, particularly in the area of hydraulic drifters, are proof of the innovation and technical competence that goes into each KLEMM product. Furthermore, in addition to hydraulic rigs, the organisation also offers sophisticated handling systems for the fitting and removal of drill pipes, and optimally designed drilling rigs for a wide range of drilling processes and drill diameters. As a result, KLEMM can be considered a one-stop-shop for its customers, who find it efficient and simple to be able to meet their needs from a single source.

First founded in 1963, and acquired by Ingersoll Rand in 1989, for the past 16 years KLEMM Bohrtechnik has been part of the Bauer Group and is regarded as the Group’s centre of competence for light drill rigs with specially developed components and drilling accessories. At a recent Open Day held by Bauer, KLEMM was able to enjoy another significant milestone, when it presented the management and engineering department of Stump Spezialtiefbau GmbH a symbolic key to its 50th KLEMM drill rig, a new KR 806-3F. The close relationship between Stump Spezialtiefbau, one of the leading contractors in the special foundation industry, and KLEMM started in 1985 and KLEMM’s management team is very proud of the collaborative partnership that the two companies have created.

This Open Day also saw KLEMM celebrate the hand over of a KLEMM universal drill rig KR 801-3FS to its long-time Norwegian customer Fundamentering AS (FAS). For FAS, who already own five other KLEMM drill rigs, the KR 801-3FS will be the perfect addition to its fleet, and it will be used for micro pile drilling applications with outer casings up to ø 273 mm.KLEMM Issue 107 c

Alongside the handing over of these impressive pieces of equipment, the Bauer in-house exhibition was also used to showcase another newly designed KLEMM product – the KR 806-5G. Launched in June 2014, the rig has a working weight of approximately 21t and enhances the line-up between the KR 806-3F (approx. 17t) and the KR 807-7F (approx. 26t). Driven by the implementation of the latest emission regulations this drill rig is one of the first worldwide to fulfil the Tier 4 emissions standards, and it features a whole host of new innovations and technology.

Specifically designed for use in the special foundation industry with a focus on tie back and micro pile work, the KR 806-5G has the capability to carry heavy masts and large drilling systems. The newly designed (and patented) machine kinematics allows for vertical drilling outside of the track area.

Power is of course of the utmost importance to the performance of a drilling rig, and at the heart of the KR 806-5G’s drive train is a six-cylinder Deutz diesel engine type TCD 6.1, which fulfills the latest emission standards (EEC 97/68 EC Stage 4). The exhaust system is equipped as standard with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) and an SCR-catalytic converter to reduce the NOx in the exhaust fumes. Added to the exhaust system is the mixing section between DPF and SCR-catalytic converter, which is used to inject urea (AdBlue).

Another benefit is the rig’s patented power sharing system (also used on the KR 806-3F). The power sharing technology enables an optimal power distribution between the two main hydraulic pump circuits. The complete drive train including the exhaust treatment system, pumps, electronics and hydraulic valve banks are protected under a canopy, while the principle of positioning all controlling elements on to the left hand side of the machine allows the right hand side to be free of standard components. This concept offers the flexibility to install optional equipment such as flushing pumps, power washers, generators, welding machines, cranes and so forth.

The unique features of the KR 806-5G have created an advanced and sophisticated drill rig, based on a combination of KLEMM’s intimate knowledge of the demands and aims of its customers throughout the world, and its advanced manufacturing and technology processes. Thanks to five decades of research and development, user experience, creativity and well-founded knowledge of the problems involved in complex drilling applications, the name KLEMM Bohrtechnik now represents the highest quality and continuous innovation in drilling equipment for special foundation applications.

KLEMM Bohrtechnik

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