L&H Rørbyg: Leading the Way in Piping Solutions

Pipe dreams

L&H Rørbyg is a leading piping contractor in Denmark and Trond Pedersen outlines the company’s operations

ISO 9001 certified L&H Rørbyg was formed in 1838 and today has a turnover of approximately 300 million DKK (approximately 40 million euros), and employs around 300 pipe fitters, welders and specialist, and about 65 engineers, clerks and managers. Shortly before the millennium, the company was wholly acquired by Kemp & Lauritzen. Founded in 1882, Kemp & Lauritzen is one of the largest Danish technical entrepreneur and engineering corporations focused on always being the first with the newest cutting edge technology and the best in class within its business offerings. Kemp & Lauritzen comprises a team of 1200 specialists with 125 years of corporate experience in engineering and installation of any size of electronic or electrical installations, networking solution, security or access control solutions and lighting automation systems. The company is well equipped to offer the best in standard or customer designed solutions.

L&H Rørbyg is a leading piping contractor in Denmark and specialises in district heating, industrial piping, stainless steel piping, HVAC/plumbing service, sprinkler, industrial service, prefabrication, steam and condensation. Being the market leader in district heating in Denmark, L&H Rørbyg deals with transit lines, pump stations, heat exchanger stations and tunnel work. “District heating is a major market in Denmark and we have also recently tapped into the Norwegian market, though still on a small scale. This sector is also responsible for the success we have enjoyed over the years. The market is still very strong and we see a lot of exciting opportunities ahead,” states Trond Pedersen, the sales manager of L&H Rørbyg.

He adds: “We have recently won a very significant tunnel work contract for district heating and steam in Copenhagen worth approximately 180 million DKK. I believe we were chosen because of our extensive knowledge in having successfully carried out various similar projects including numerous tunnel works in Copenhagen.” Trond continues highlighting the company’s other areas of capabilities: “L&H Rørbyg also focuses on industrial piping in various markets including natural gas, oil, cooling, power plants, refineries, compressed air and prefabrication. We also provide stainless steel piping to pharmaceutical plants, food production plants as well as breweries. Our expansion has, in the past, been largely initiated by acquisitions but in the future we will most likely be witnessing growth in our plumbing service and stainless steel sector especially in the pharmaceutical industry.”

L&H Rørbyg has workshops strategically located in six sites across Denmark – in København, Køge Kalundborg, Odense, Fredericia, and Aalborg. Its list of customers includes major companies like Statoil, Novo Nordisk, Mærsk Olie & Gas, Akzo Nobel, Shell and Biogen Idec, among many others. Other services that L&H Rørbyg provides from its sites are the engineering, erection, test and approval as well as servicing of sprinkler systems; industrial services to power plants, refineries, pharmaceutical plants, breweries and industrial plants; and prefabrication services for pipe spools, modules, containers, units and steel.

Moving on, Trond outlines the challenges faced by the entire industry as well as L&H Rørbyg in going forward: “There is a lot of work all over Denmark but to find specialist workers is very challenging, though it is not as difficult to attain educated employees like engineers. We provide all of our workers training as well as offer exciting incentives to not only ensure that they are all up to the same high standard that is demanded by our customers, but also to ensure they will stay on with the company. Just as much as we strive to achieve long-term relationships and contracts with our clients, we also believe in building a very good relationship with our employees because they play a very important role in the success of L&H Rørbyg.

“Our success through the years is not just because of the strong tradition of L&H Rørbyg, but also the people who have worked here, some for over 25 years. Due to our unrivalled reputation, employees feel safe working with us and it is also because we invest significantly in every one of our employees – from grass-root level right to the top.” He concludes: “The entire building industry in Denmark has faced a few tough and challenging years, which is why it is vital to have very good employees who know what to do.”