Life of luxury

International luxury property realtor BARNES has formed a partnership with Harcourts Atlantic, a leading estate agent on the Atlantic Seaboard, which will see a jointly handled effort to market, promote and sell high end properties in South Africa.

The South African property market is on the rise. With a property investment process that is fairly open to outsiders and thereby appealing to foreign investors, it provides opportunities for quality investments. The Rand is an especially attractive currency to foreign investors looking for stunning prime seafront residences, such as those available on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard. Demand is widespread, coming from international buyers seeking to rent or buy into the distinctive lifestyle South Africa offers as a leisure destination, as well as from within South Africa, Johannesburg and Pretoria in particular, and other African nations looking to expand their business and leisure base.

Chris Maclean, Director of BARNES Private Office in London, says: “In quantitative terms Cape Town has enjoyed double-digit property price growth for a number of years, second only to China’s major cities in global rankings. Prime lettings price growth has also been strong and consistent. Cape Town continues to feature near the top of many wealth report tables as a leading city with a profile worthy of the global investor elite.”