Light fantastic

When the Prysmian Group made the decision to redesign its Milan headquarters, redefining the workplace mentality was key to its vision. Enlisting the expertise of the renowned architect, Maurizio Varratta, from the very beginning, light played a huge role in the building’s creation.

Italian lighting manufacturer iGuzzini was able to provide the architect with both custom-made and ready-made lighting systems in each area of the Prysmian Headquarters. Recessed laser blade devices were specially designed to fit directly onto metal structures in the foyer, to blend in perfectly with their surroundings; Laser Blade high contrast devices were installed, in both monochrome and a dynamic colour change (RGB – DMX) 11for scenic lighting; plus homogeneous and diffused artificial lighting in the greenhouse structures were created by front light spotlights. These were suspended from a metal structure which uses a pendant system, perfected in collaboration with Varratta.

Maurizio Varratta said: “The light was set at the needed level to make normal use of the spaces and a task light was included to obtain dedicated illumination points. Then, we managed the artificial light in a two-way approach with natural outdoor light. We increase it in the various periods of the year according to outdoor weather conditions, but it is not a static light; it is a variable light. It is used to save but also to improve people’s living conditions, since it pays more attention to the people who are working.”