Magrock’s unmatched precision sets a new standard in project delivery 

In just a few years since its establishment in 2016, Magrock has experienced remarkable growth, positioning itself as a prominent main contractor in the UK construction industry. As a dynamic and agile company, Magrock offers a highly personalised service, specialising in new build projects. With a versatile approach to construction, Magrock caters to diverse sectors including industrial, commercial, logistics, and retail. Its portfolio of projects represent many leading and prestigious names. Magrock is making a significant impact in the industry through its commitment to excellence in project delivery and its unwavering focus on design, quality, safety, and sustainability. Richard Brewer, Managing Director, provides a brief account of Magrock’s notable milestones.

“Magrock was established with a vision to create an unrivalled professional service in the construction industry. With a focus on high-quality commercial and industrial builds, the company quickly secured its first contract. Within two years, Magrock achieved repeat business after completing initial projects. This growing reputation paved the way for significant growth, leading to a remarkable transformation. In 2019, the company had a turnover of £15 million and employed 15 staff members. As of 2023, we boast over 60 employed staff and a turnover exceeding £100 million,” he begins.

The Magrock way
Over the years, Magrock has consistently distinguished itself from competitors, thereby propelling its remarkable success. “Within a highly competitive and homogenous industry, we have successfully crafted a refreshing and unique proposition for developers. We refer to it as ‘The Magrock Way’ to construction, placing the utmost importance on cultivating strong relationships and maintaining an unwavering focus on excellence. By fostering closely interconnected working relationships, Magrock ensures the delivery of construction projects with impeccable precision and uncompromising quality,” Richard explains.

At Magrock, ‘The Magrock Way’ serves as a foundational pillar for ensuring the exceptional delivery of projects. Richard provides insights into how the company guarantees success. “At Magrock, we continually strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by going above and beyond
in delivering exceptional standards and quality throughout the construction process. Our ‘Magrock Way’ emphasises an agile and dependable approach that revolves around meeting our clients’ needs. We take pride in delivering projects with unwavering adherence to schedules and budgets, ensuring a seamless completion of complex ventures. Our focus on delivering a superior product and service begins and ends with the implementation of robust operational standards and procedures. As a result, our dedication to service excellence, expertise, and stringent standards consistently surpasses our clients’ expectations. One recent project that exemplifies our construction approach was the successful completion of a £17.9 million industrial and distribution facility spanning 157,331 square feet in Avonmouth. Collaborating with the outstanding team at St Modwen Developments, we took great pleasure in bringing their vision to life while achieving a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) rating of Excellent,” he affirms.

Richard highlights the prevailing challenges faced by the construction industry and sheds light on how Magrock tackles these obstacles. “Our industry has been grappling with a volatile market for quite some time now. Although there are indications of returning confidence in certain aspects such as pricing and the availability of construction materials, there remains significant uncertainty regarding our domestic and global economies. These uncertainties have the potential to further impact our industry, as we have already witnessed. In addition to inflation, interest rates are also hindering investment decisions and pose a threat to future projects. Presently, new challenges arise in planning and achieving sustainability and net-zero objectives within the built environment. The industry bears the responsibility to adapt to these new issues, but it truly depends on a wide range of separate and intricate factors. A crucial catalyst for change must come from government reforms to the existing planning system. Magrock deals with these changes by dedicating a significant amount of time to maintaining and expanding its trusted network of construction partners. This is a collaborative process during which we hold our partners to the same high standards and expectations as ourselves to ensure a seamless, efficient, and effective construction process. Such an approach aims to minimise and, whenever feasible, mitigate risks in the scheduled project programme,” he adds.

Continuous innovation
As Magrock continues to grow, so does its workforce, without whom Richard says none of these achievements would have been possible. “Despite being a relatively young company, I believe Magrock has achieved significant strides in making a tangible difference in the commercial and industrial sectors. This success has been made possible by the professionalism, commitment, and expertise of our dedicated staff. Hence, I would confidently state that the most fulfilling aspect of my role is overseeing the implementation and evolution of ‘The Magrock Way.’ This approach instils confidence in our clients, assuring them that their projects will be executed with meticulous precision. Moreover, I would like to think that this is an incredibly gratifying experience for every individual working at Magrock, as there are no limitations to what can be achieved through continuous improvement of our services. We foster innovation and excellence throughout our processes, providing everyone with an opportunity to make a genuine impact in their respective roles. By working collaboratively as a team, the collective efforts contribute to the high quality and standards for which we have gained recognition,” he enlightens.

Looking to the future, Richard outlines Magrock’s aspirations and goals to sustain its growth trajectory. “Magrock’s remarkable evolution since 2016 serves as a testament to the overall success of its construction approach. As the year draws to a close, we are gearing up to celebrate the completion and handover of several industrial projects for clients, while simultaneously preparing for the commencement of new projects. Thus, we anticipate 2024 will be our biggest year yet. In terms of long-term plans, Magrock is committed to fostering continuous innovation in developing its standards and enhancing its services. We aim to attract and onboard more exceptional talent from the industry, expanding our team and further solidifying our reputation across the sectors we serve. Additionally, Magrock aims to tackle significant challenges in design and build, seeking to make a lasting impact,” he ends.

Through its dynamic approach to construction and its dedicated workforce, Magrock has exemplified strength, stability, and service excellence within a competitive industry. Transforming remarkably from its 2016 founding to now boast over 60 staff delivering projects exceeding £100 million annually, the company’s commitment to impeccable standards and client focus has propelled its success. As Magrock looks to the future with goals of team expansion, tackling new challenges, and fuelling ongoing innovation, its well-established reputation and ‘Magrock Way’ foundation position the company to continue delivering impactful change and sustained growth leadership within various sectors.