Market shaker

Four years after its purchase of the ex BP Castrol oil terminal in Stanlow and, following a multi-million pound capital investment programme at the Ellesmere Port plant, ESL Fuels is targeting the plant equipment sector with the launch of its new premium Ultra Gas Oil fuel product.

ESL Fuels’ managing director, Stephen Whittaker believes that the plant and construction machinery sector is ready to accept a competitive new market entrant in direct gas oil supply: “Whilst the benefits of a gas oil’s higher cetane value are becoming increasingly recognised, product quality has been consistently compromised by price-sensitivity. It’s our intention to shake up a market that has traditionally been shaped by fuel wholesalers and distributors and to halt their ‘race to the bottom’ in terms of standard product quality by introducing a gas oil that, with price taken out of the equation, would be the preferred choice of any discerning construction plant manager.

“Furthermore, because we have complete control over the blend, manufacture and distribution of Ultra Gas Oil we can manage costs so that if there is any price premium for the customer it is almost negligible and far outweighed by engine performance benefits and cost efficiencies over the longer term.”