Marldon is an award winning, specialist design and build partnership that has built up an impressive portfolio of both traditional and contemporary properties across central London
Built on tradition

Marldon is an award winning, specialist design and build partnership that has built up an impressive portfolio of both traditional and contemporary properties across central London

Established in 1968, the firm has a long and distinguished track record in developing residential and commercial properties for sale and for rent. “The business was started by my father Anthony [now the senior partner] and his close friend Mervyn Jefferson, undertaking small-scale building jobs,” says Henry Bartlett, construction partner. Over two decades from the 1980’s the company gradually became more focused on planning, design and renovation at the high end of the property market, equipping it with an experience that continues to hold it in good stead today.

“At the turn of the millennium we began to push forward with developing and refurbishing properties that we either already owned, or through acquiring new sites,” says Henry. One of the Marldon Issue 114 ccompany’s objectives is to build and maintain an engine of highly skilled and loyal building staff, with which it is able to design and build good quality, bespoke properties, which attract potential guests, tenants, buyers and investors. “We believe in loyalty to our people, investment in our properties and the value of high quality design, high quality building and high quality service. We have an excellent level of skill sets within the business, from design right through the construction process and beyond. Everybody that we have got now has learnt their skills within our company, and we are constantly looking for people to bring through,” he points out.

As the property market continues its recovery, a strong pipeline of young talent and skills is essential to making sure that it continues to flourish. Today the business has a team that consists of over 100 people, in whom it has instilled a philosophy of encouraging apprenticeships and training at all levels, to create a well-managed and loyal workforce that is dedicated to quality. “Because we are a very family minded company from the top level of the business, through to the ground floor, everybody works to a common goal,” says Henry. Its ten most senior site personnel have been with the firm for a combined 227 years, reflecting the experience within the organisation, which is further supported by a range of skills that cover all trades, including reinforced concrete framework, second fixed joinery, bricklayers and decorators, as well as mechanical and electrical services.

With design supervised by architect Simon Smith, and working closely with its in-house joinery department, the company is able to take on extremely complex and unique projects. “We are backed up by long term architectural partners Simon Smith and Michael Brooke Architects, the engineers Heyne Tillett Steel, the Costs and CDM and Health and Safety advisors Stace, and the services engineers, Environmental Engineering Partnership,” says Henry. With its established team of professional consultants, the firm is able to offer a wide range of expertise that includes architectural design, construction, project management, lettings, property acquisition, sales and management. A long and highly structured relationship with the North West business team at RBS, led by David Salisbury, has ensured seamless financing of projects, which are fully supported.

Marldon has grown organically to become a bespoke development business, with the engine that drives it all being the construction team. “Charlie Markes, our Property Partner, drives through our acquisitions and sales on this basis,” Henry says. “Charlie is my uncle, and his brother Eddie – also an uncle – runs our Joinery Department,” he added, emphasising Marldon’s truly familybased approach. “My mother Rosie, who trained under Barabra Hulanicki of Biba, does all our interior design schemes, while my brother Fred is involved in the hotel and all managing and marketing for our serviced apartments and lettings. And this is just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more families involved than just ours! Marldon really does interweave family and business – personal involvement at all levels is key.” Extending its hold on theproperty market, the business is also active within the hotel and serviced apartment arena, utilising its position as a well-connected firm with expertise in all areas of central London property.

Its ambitions within the hotel sector have seen the business buy and develop an independent hotel, with an emphasis on understated contemporary style, impeccable levels of personal service, and attention to detail. Each of the 40 rooms has been crafted to create a relaxed atmosphere, whilst retaining an individual character, which combines English tradition with contemporary styling, an Marldon Issue 114 bessence that the business is comfortable bringing into all its projects.

The combined degree of experience and ability to undertake projects completely in-house ensures that the company is equally at home with a listed building conversion and a contemporary residential or commercial new build. Extending from interests in design and construction, Marldon owns a number of offices within central London, which it lets to a diverse range of commercial tenants, and with further positive rental growth anticipated against a backdrop of limited supply, the assets held by the company certainly indicate a positive future for the growing firm.

Taking opportunities as they arise has seen the business develop an expertise in the marketing, management and operation of its own brand of serviced apartments, which offer a fresh approach to central London short stay accommodation. Mervyn Jefferson’s son John, who holds the position of Property Management Partner, runs this large property portfolio. A strong collection such as this requires the support of a tough sales strategy to ensure it is able to maximise revenue across the group, and as Henry concludes: “We have become very proactive in our sales team over all areas of our business, and this has become more important as we expand into more commercial areas of the industry. We are getting stronger and stronger in the hotel sector, and constantly learning new skills on bespoke and unique projects that other developers would shy away from.

“We recently became an associate member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, of which I am a great supporter. The attitude of the scheme towards professionalism in construction from the ground up is really where the industry is headed and I am very excited about the opportunities which that affords our business as we expand through these next two or three years.”


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