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With decades of experience behind it, Menzi Muck manufactures innovative mobile spider excavators at its state-of-the-art facility in Switzerland

All of the construction and special-purpose machines manufactured by Menzi Muck have the same intention at their core –the driver/operator should feel ‘like a king’. The company’s successful record proves that this approach is not without merit, and it has achieved the position of global market and technology leader, with its products gaining a formidable reputation and an ever-increasing number of loyal customers the world over.

Menzi Issue 106 bThe creation of today’s Menzi Muck walking excavator/spider excavator can be credited to company founder Ernst Menzi (1897-1984) who was not just an ingenious inventor, but also a born entrepreneur. He founded his first company at the age of just 26, and the history of the Menzi Muck walking excavator would not be the same without him. His spirit of invention and innovation lives on, and the business’ walking excavators and mobile all-purpose excavators are still developed with attention to detail and through close co-operation with customers.

What makes a spider excavator unique is that because of its flexible chassis it has the ability to fulfil the requirements of many applications – so for example it can work on gradients of up to 100 per cent, in water up to 2.5 m deep or in deep mud, on mountains or on the ocean bed: the Menzi Muck can adapt to any type of ground. A high degree of motorisation and unique stability result in performance rates up to

In addition, Menzi Muck aims to recognise customer requirements at an early stage of product development and directs its attention to meeting and even exceeding these. One of its major strengths as a business is its ability to turn customers’ ideas into reality. This gives rise to individual and tailor-made solutions, which can be put to profitable use in niche markets. Its partners are successful customers who are committed to an open and collaborative acquisition policy and are faithful to their obligations. Menzi Muck offers a full end-to-end service, with a focus on each area of sales, development, installation and service.

The Menzi Muck mobile spider excavator comes in three different basic versions, in weight classes from seven to 10.5 tons. The newest additions to the range are the M3 and M5 series diggers, which are both versatile and economical. The M3 mobile spider excavator has been designed to meet every need of the customer. With numerous options, the machine can be bespoke designed to meet specific client needs and every detail is based on functionality, safety and comfort. The result is a powerful, spider machine that is setting new standards in the eight-ton class.

One of the major innovations appearing on the M3 is the Menzi Powerboom – a unique boom of the M Series. This is mounted horizontally in the centre part and therefore collisions at the boom cylinder are impossible. The new kinematics of Menzi Muck are also opening up new dimensions: optimum work in the close-up range at the minimum possible swivel radius is contrasted with maximum stretching of the boom. The Menzi power booster thereby supplies the highest possible forces over the whole working range.Menzi Issue 106 c

Operator comfort and safety are of course also prioritised, with a panoramic cockpit, extensive standard equipment and dashboard with LCD display all included. From the ergonomic joystick with proportional rocker and hand support to the air-suspended operator’s seat with adjustable armrests and foot pedals, no stone has been left unturned to provide the driver with a maximum level of comfort.

A more powerful option, the Menzi Muck M5, is strong, fast and comfortable. It has been designed with a focus on power, mobility and maximum output, as well as being supremely equipped. However, as mentioned previously, it is the driver that ranks above all else, even technical sophistication. Every detail in the driver’s cab is based on functionality, safety and comfort, with the panoramic cockpit only being a part of it. The machine also features clever technology such as the Anticipating Power Management system that brings up to 30 per cent fuel savings, and a Sensitive Load Sensing hydraulic system that is geared towards smooth and optimised performance.

These new models fit in alongside the existing A40, A20 and Menzi Dumper 45rd – all of which feature innovative technology and boast a range of features. The wheeled dumper Menzi 45rd, for example, is the first and only to have an engine that already meets the exhaust emission level 3b. This is achieved through an exhaust gas treatment system, which eliminates dangerous soot particles, and is already integrated in the modern turbo-diesel engine.

The Menzi Muck excavators can be put to use in a variety of industries – including construction, civil engineering, track building, water supply and distribution and forestry. In principle, all three basic models can be used for applications in the construction industry. The right excavator will be determined by what needs doing and where, and that is where the expertise of the Menzi Muck team comes into action – it is on hand to advise clients on the best product for the job, whether that is road construction, extreme applications on precipices or uneven terrain.

As Menzi Muck constantly adapts to the market, it is always refining its processes and strategies to ensure that it is meeting the needs of its staff and customers. In addition, the company is always on the lookout for qualified personnel, reliable suppliers and innovative sales partners, to help fulfil its ambition of expanding the business and finding new markets for its remarkable products. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a field where a company other than Menzi Muck could be a more efficient or more cost-effective partner.

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