Unlocking the Power of Diversity: Mott MacDonald’s Returners Program

In today’s competitive business landscape, fostering diversity and inclusion is more than a feel-good initiative—it’s a strategic imperative. Mott MacDonald, a global engineering and development consultancy, gets this. They’re doubling down on their commitment to improving equality and diversity through Mott MacDonald’s Second Returners Program, designed explicitly for experienced professionals and return to work engineers who are eyeing a comeback after a career break.

The Second Returners Program

Mott MacDonald’s Second Returners Program speaks volumes about their dedication to diversity and inclusion. Run in collaboration with STEM Returners, a leading return-to-work scheme provider in the UK, this initiative caters to a wide range of skill sets. We’re talking civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering. But the program’s uniqueness lies in its dual focus: not only does it support those returning to work after a career hiatus, it warmly welcomes individuals looking to pivot into a new sector.

Empowering Unconventional Career Paths

Meet Stephanie Barber, a shining beacon of how the returners program is making real change. Stephanie had a hard time breaking back into the workforce through conventional channels due to her unique background in biological sciences and catchment management. Thanks to STEM Returners recognizing her potential, she became part of Mott MacDonald’s Returners Program. This paved her way back into consultancy, empowering her to return to work after a career break and start a family.

Addressing Industry Challenges

Here’s the kicker: the returners program isn’t just filling seats. Mott MacDonald is tackling a deeply-rooted issue in STEM recruitment—bias. Many experienced return to work engineers stumble on their journey back due to a lack of recent experience and embedded biases. The program serves as a robust bridge, closing the talent gap and elevating diversity within the organization. And get this: 46% of STEM Returners candidates are female, and 44% come from ethnic minority groups—stats that outshine industry norms.

A Win-Win Solution

So, what’s the takeaway? Mott MacDonald’s role in the STEM Returners program isn’t just lip service; it’s a testament to their commitment to diversity and inclusion. It’s a win-win, not just for those returning to work after a career break, but also for the organization, which gains from an influx of fresh perspectives and a diverse talent pool. Plus, the successful candidates could very well find themselves with a full-time gig at Mott MacDonald.