Network expansion

amBX’s smart lighting and building software, SmartCore, enables key stakeholders in the supply chain to add extra value to their proposition. IoT Simplified is a commissioning engineering company that integrates ventilation, lighting, access control, meeting booking and several other systems under one single solution.

The Danish installer was seeking a flexible, open-architecture platform that would allow it to simply link multiple systems, aggregate data and converge it all into a single source. This requires a system that can communicate in multiple languages or protocols simultaneously.

amBX designs and develops software solutions for smart buildings and smart lighting with the aim to improve the smart building industry with interoperable solutions. It is passionate about partnerships and collaborations, providing key users with the very best smart, sustainable solutions for both new and old buildings – driving positive change globally.

As a partner of amBX, IoT Simplified will be able to add additional value to its solutions, completing installations faster and saving them money. The solution also helps it overcome data visualisation and technical challenges through bespoke integration. The ability to offer customers a custom UI is an added bonus; having a user-friendly front-end enables data that is captured to be viewed in real-time, interacted with and made useful.