New Subsidiary Opens in UK, Keltech Awarded Silver Certification, and Concerns Over Holiday Trends in Construction

UK office opened

On August 15, 2016, the Germany-based structural engineering software developer SOFiSTiK opened its first subsidiary in the United Kingdom. From its new office in the southwest of London, the company aims to grow its business relationships in the UK, where it has been active since 1996.

Gaining a Silver

In September Keltech Business Development Manager Seamus Lawlor and Keltech Founder and MD Ray Breen travelled to the Perkins Peterborough plant to be presented with its SQEP Silver Certification award. The award is recognition of Keltech’s excellent supplier performance to the UK based engine plant. The award is something that makes Keltech part of an elite group, as it is one of only two suppliers based in the UK and Ireland from a fabrication background to be granted Silver level status.

Worrying trend

According to the results of a new piece of research those working in the construction industry take less holiday from work than those employed in other sectors. Chris Clarkson MD of www.sunshine., which undertook the research, noted: “This is a really worrying trend, because people working in construction can’t afford to make mistakes due to the nature of their roles. Not taking time away from work can lead to tiredness and, in turn, errors.”