NorDan’s product range offers solutions that combine leading energy performance with longevity 

Founded in Norway almost 100 years ago, NorDan Ltd is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-performance windows, doors and smart accessories. Family-owned since its creation, NorDan operates across Europe, with sustainability and environmental thinking an integral part of its identity. The company’s British operation, NorDan UK, is a key player in the national housing market, manufacturing and designing windows among a variety of other products. Moreover, while timber represents NorDan’s core area of expertise, the company’s product range offers solutions that combine unparalleled energy performance with longevity to minimise their environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle. Today, the NorDan group comprises 12 factories, approximately 30 project management offices, and more than 2200 employees. Lou Johnson, Regional Director for NorDan UK, shares a brief overview of the company’s operations across the country. 

“Whilst NorDan was established nearly a century ago, our UK division is just turning 43 years old this year. Since its foundation in 1981, NorDan UK has expanded,house with large windoes in the evening inaugurating offices all over the nation, including in Inverness, Livingston, Aberdeen, Manchester, Gloucester, Exeter, and Birmingham. Additionally, we have recently opened a brand-new office in Cardiff. Because NorDan manufactures all its products, we have complete ownership of our factories and maintain control over our supply chain. As a basic overview, we operate 12 factories across Europe, where we produce timber and aluminium window and door products,” she begins. 

Expanding further on NorDan’s manufacturing footprint, Lou details the company’s key offerings. “Timber, our core material, happens to be a highly sustainable material, which keeps us relevant in the industry as a growing number of people are currently concerned with carbon emissions and embodied carbon. Thus, our sustainably sourced timber is our pride and joy. A forward-thinking organisation, NorDan opened its own powder coating aluminium plant in 2016. Although industry circumstances may have changed since then, this factory was one of only six of its kind in the world, and the sole one in Europe to operate at such a high standard. The motivation behind the creation of this plant was to elevate our standards and capabilities as well as maintain control over the quality of the aluminium we produce and deliver to construction sites. Since most of our work lies within the social housing market, the longevity of our products is of prime importance. We strive to ensure that our products can withstand the test of time, with a minimum lifespan of 60 years. For instance, some of the projects we completed in the 1990s have required no further work or maintenance from us to this day, a testament to the quality of our products. Some of our products may require basic self-servicing and maintenance, and we work closely with maintenance teams within social housing departments so that they can undertake any necessary upkeep of our products. This collaborative approach aligns with the needs and expectations of our clients in the social housing sector,” adds Lou.  

Blackhorse Mills, Ferry Lane, London
Blackhorse Mills, Ferry Lane, London

Growth plans 

Lou reveals that NorDan is on a path towards further growth to enhance its capabilities. “Approximately five years ago, NorDan witnessed increased demand for high performance windows in Wales, where there was a gap in the market. Consequently, we made the strategic decision to open an office in Cardiff. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our plans surrounding the opening of the office were delayed. From the beginning, our intention was to incorporate a showroom within the office space, catering to both commercial clients and general consumers. After years of planning, I am happy to announce that the Cardiff office eventually opened its doors in February 2024. Furthermore, as NorDan is continuously growing, we are also actively planning for further expansion in pivotal cities such as London, where we are looking to open an office and showroom. Even though our activities in London have so far primarily been focused on sales, the city remains our largest market. Hence, NorDan is excited to establish an even stronger foothold and presence there. Whilst I cannot say much more on this topic at this moment, there will be more exciting news to come as the year goes on. I am positive that the premises will open by the end of this year,” she states.  

Comprehensive product portfolio 

As part of its effort to enhance its manufacturing footprint, NorDan has invested in the introduction of aluminium products within its portfolio, which we should see more of as the year progresses. “NorDan has always been involved in timber cladding, but we have recently recognized a gap in our offerings. For example, when working on high-rise apartment blocks, there is always a requirement for some sort of aluminium products to complete such projects. In addition, we noticed that for projects in London, our clients had to rely on other suppliers for their aluminium needs. We aim to address these needs by expanding our focus to include aluminium ground floor and entrance doors, among other products. Our goal is to fill the gaps in our portfolio and provide a comprehensive solution that encompasses both timber and aluminium elements. To that end, NorDan has taken the initiative to produce its own aluminium products within its brand-new aluminium manufacturing factory. We are now in the early stages of delivering these aluminium solutions to the UK market,” Lou explains. 

Reflecting upon her own career, Lou describes what it’s like being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry. “Prior to joining the construction industry, my background was in child protection, a relatively female-dominated field. I began working with NorDan in 2016 and have come a long way since. Initially, I was often the only woman in the room during meetings, but that split continues growing as the mindset within the construction industry is changing. Women are no longer frowned upon for being in the industry, they are just individuals doing the best job they can. In other words, I haven’t had any poor experiences. In fact, I am very involved in site meetings and feel like part of one team where gender does not matter. NorDan stands out as an equal opportunity employer and strives for a balanced representation of males and females across the business,” she ends. 

Through constant investment in production advancements, NorDan is poised to continue meeting client needs for years to come.