One Palace Place Earns Prestigious IMMUNE™-Strong Label for Healthy Living Environment

One Palace Place in London, a luxury residential building managed by Navana Property Group, was awarded the IMMUNE™-Strong label by the Healthy by Design Building Institute (HDBI), marking the firs t residential property to receive this distinction.

An initiative by Genesis Property, the award was in recognition of Navana Property Group implementing the recommended measures of the IMMUNE™ standard across the built environment at One Palace Place to create a healthier living environment for residents.

The IMMUNE Building Standard™ is based on practical investment in a Healthy by Design System (HbDS), which incorporates a network of specialised sensors that measure the indoor environment parameters such as air, humidity, temperature, or CO2 levels. Data on the building’s performance is collected in real time, empowering the building operator to verify and adjust the condition of the building to a healthy performance level. Every IMMUNE™ certified building incorporates advanced technologies, specialised equipment, and dedicated personnel, an IMMUNE™ Steward, to manage the building’s operations and health parameters, as recommended in the standard.

Build Green, an independent authorised building assessor and a contributor to the development of the IMMUNE Building Standard™, performs the evaluation and recommends a property to become IMMUNE™ – certified with one of the three labels: Strong (3 stars), Powerful (4 stars) or Resilient (5 stars).