Open for business

Speaking exclusively to Matt Brown from UK Construction Online, Peter Vinden, Managing Director of The Vinden Partnership – a leading multi-disciplinary consultant company to the built environment said: “The effects of the result of the EU referendum are still being felt, with some of the initial reaction bordering on hysteria. The country now needs strong leadership to steady the ship and put Britain back on course.

“Instability surrounding the pound and the markets were inevitable once it became clear Britain had voted to leave the European Union. “As the posturing stops and serious negotiations begin, it will become clear that Britain will not turn its back on trading with Europe. Likewise Europe, despite some of the more unhelpful comments being made from certain quarters, will realise it needs to maintain a favourable trading relationship with Britain.

“We have seen EDF confirm that the Hinkley Point power station project will remain unaffected by the vote. Likewise, Huawei will be pressing ahead with its billion pound investment programme.

“Britain will also be able to pursue advantageous trading relationships with other parts of the world. Already we are seeing trade talks begin with the likes of Australia, Canada, India and South Korea.

“The Brexit decision should be viewed as a great opportunity and we need toreinforce the message that Britain is open for business.”