Polypipe Terrain Selected for Ventilation and Drainage Solutions in UK’s Tallest Residential Complex

Polypipe Terrain, the UK’s leading manufacturer of waste and water management systems, is to help to complete the UK’s tallest residential complex. The Kent-based firm will supply ventilation, drainage, soil and waste systems to the colossal £385 million Deansgate Square development in Manchester city centre.

Main contractor Renaker selected Terrain to design the vent piping. Polypipe devised a system that incorporated its exclusive P.A.P.A. (positive air pressure attenuator) and Pleura Vent system, which work in harmony to regulate air pressures within pipework and eliminate the need for a secondary vent.

Jonathan Greenwood, technical sales manager at Polypipe Terrrain, said: “The height of the development posed a unique challenge for the designers. The drainage stacks throughout the building had to manage huge amounts of pressure so a robust solution was required. Polypipe Terrain was able to supply a system that limited the pressures placed on the base of the stacks.

“By installing P.A.P.A. valves we were also able provide the developer with significantly more space in each individual apartment within the tower.”