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With a careful approach to growth as well as a strong focus on service, Powered Access Services has achieved new levels of success as it moves forward in a booming market

Trading as Powered Access Services (PAS), Yardbourne Ltd commenced business in October 2003 when it acquired the assets of an existing powered access rental company. Over the years since, the company has grown into a well-established player in the UK access industry due to its strong family-led approach and ability to react quickly to customer’s requirements, which became particularly useful in surviving the recession. Since emerging from the economic downturn, PAS has steadily rebuilt the business adding new machines to its comprehensive fleet and maintaining its reputation for unrivalled service.
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“Today PAS offers a wide range of access equipment to its customers who demand the very best in service and support,” begins MD, David Cadman. “We place great emphasis on health and safety of all our products, such as booms with secondary guarding. We support the equipment supply side of the business with friendly, reliable service, which comes from being a family-run business and are keenly interested in the success and safety of our customers.” A small, knowledgeable team of experienced managers, engineers, HGV drivers and support personnel delivers the company’s quick and efficient service. “Our comprehensive package of machines and personnel is designed to position PAS as more than just a machine hire company, reflected by our ‘extra mile’ ethos,” adds David.

Since 2011, PAS has achieved solid sales growth and has successfully doubled hire revenues. This has been achieved by a two-phase programme: firstly, a significant investment in new transport and delivery vehicles, and secondly the streamlining and further fresh investment into a highly utilised core of scissor lifts and boom equipment. Phase one of the company’s journey towards improved performance efficiency was its investment in six new delivery trucks – enabling PAS to offer customers rapid deployment of equipment to site.

The second phase involved disposal of around 100 underutilised machines, allowing PAS to focus on strategic business planning. “The key aim for us was to improve the financial strength of the business, and self-generate funds to reinvest into our future fleet of modern equipment,” states David. “This initial fleet reorganisation has enabled us to invest in a comprehensive range of new, latest model, scissor lifts and booms to service the construction, industrial and maintenance sectors, all of which are experiencing booming growth in the UK market.”

PAS considers the market conditions to be strong enough to continue building its portfolio back up to a high performing and competitive level. David continues to outline the company’s main product investments: “We have added a machine replacement plan to maintain a strong fleet profile from our key suppliers, such as Skyjack, who have been excellent in their service and support. In particular we supply Skyjack electric scissor lifts, 63- foot articulated booms & rough terrain ‘buggies’ (SJ6832), which customers like. We also purchase from Genie, Z45/25J articulated booms, which have always formed the key part of our boom fleet offering machines from 26 feet to 135 feet.Powered Access Services 3

“The fleet is constantly expanding but a recent focus has been on providing new innovative machines such as the introduction of the Nifty equipment range,” explains David. “These machines provide customers with a lighter range of equipment – from 12 metre booms to the 28 metre hybrid boom, which is of particular interest as it is the largest hybrid (diesel and electric power) boom that can be used both in and outdoors.

“These machines have been very well received by our customers. In addition, over the last three years we have introduced a full range of JCB telehandlers, from seven metres through to 17 metres, with the help of Watling JCB. This enables us to offer a broader package of equipment to our key customer base in construction. We will shortly take delivery of a number of new 22 metre diesel scissor lifts from PB to replace our existing Liftlux machines, which will be followed by the new PB 27 metre diesel scissor lifts, early in 2016.”

With this fleet investment programme in place and continuing well into the coming years, PAS currently has a product offering of over 40 individual machines types, all high quality, and meeting its customers’ demands in levels of safety and support. To ensure that its products align with its exemplary approach to service, the business focuses carefully on building strong and reliable relationships with its suppliers. “Toenter into and operate within the powered access industry requires a very high level of investment,” notes David. “Therefore it is very important that we have the full support of our suppliers, especially when adding new machines, a machine is not able to cover its basic costs if it is standing waiting to be repaired or awaiting spare parts. This is, of course, a vital element to us being able to offer our reputable service to the end user.”

Mirroring this supplier relationship, PAS also seeks to establish strong working partnerships with its customers and these have also proven to be key to the company’s ongoing success. “Our success has been a tough ride for all participants involved in this venture, with many lessons learnt along the way. Our thanks must go out to all our customers with whom we have traded over the past 12 years,” expresses David. “In particular I can mention a few key customers who we owe an element of gratitude to, over the early years, such as David Wilson Homes, Aggregate Industries, Ibstock Brick, Lafarge Aggregates, Bowmer Kirkland, DHL, Tata Steel and Saint Gobain.”

With market conditions positive, PAS is in a good position as it moves forward. “The vision is to constantly improve our fleet with forward thinking and planned investment in order to steadily expand and drive more efficiencies into the business,” concludes David. “However, this has to be controlled as we cannot let growing demand in the market swallow the important focus we have on making sure we can offer the service and support we value so highly, as well as maintaining a modern and reliable fleet of equipment and transport. Ultimately our business plan is to maintain the family-run business mentality, which is our secret to achieving this success and hopefully this will stand us in good stead for the future.”

Powered Access Services

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