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Ridgepoint Homes specialises in building properties where ‘real people’ are able to live whilst not compromising on the finish
The real deal

Ridgepoint Homes specialises in building properties where ‘real people’ are able to live whilst not compromising on the finish. This has resulted in an ever-increasing project portfolio which is bringing quality homes to the Home Counties

Real homes for real people. At one time this was to be the strap line for Buckinghamshire-based property developer Ridgepoint Homes, and while it was ultimately not adopted it is certainly an excellent summarisation of what the business is all about. Responsible for creating unique new residential and mixed use developments across the Home Counties, Ridgepoint Homes possesses an impressive and fast growing portfolio of completed, high quality homes, and has built a reputation for regenerating redundant sites and transforming them into distinctive and vibrant houses and apartments.

“Ridgepoint Homes’ core mission is to be a strong, sustainable business with longevity, and we achieve that by building homes that real people and real families can and want to live in for years to come, and by making said homes affordable to purchase,” explains Managing Director Nick McEntyre. “By operating sensibly, and with attention always given to minimising risk in what is historically a volatile market, we facilitate sales both by way of private tenure and by working in partnership with housing associations.”

Nick’s own background is in land acquisition and his experience in this field has no doubt aided the company’s ability to identify and capitalise on opportunities as they appear. With substantial resources available to it, Ridgepoint Homes is able to consider purchasing land, both with or without planning permission, and thanks to its attention to detail, careful development planning and close working relationships with local authorities, it is able to maximise land values and ensure its approach to the marketability of each development. As a private company, it is also able to make quick decisions on buying land.

“While there is no exact science to the land acquisition process, we feel that we are uniquely placed when it comes to locating sites on which to build upon and transforming them into viable places for people to live,” Nick continues. “When it then comes to the design process, the overall appearance of the property is one of the big areas of focus for us. We want our purchasers to feel the sense of satisfaction that comes from buying one of our homes each time they arrive home, and it is important to us that they continue to feel this satisfaction throughout their ownership.

“In order to achieve our goals in this regard, we have forged very strong relationships with all manner of subcontractors and consultants whose efforts are absolutely critical in making Ridgepoint Homes a successful business. In fact, it is the combination of our collective experience and knowledge, and the fact that we have such a good team of people here that we have been able to take on projects that are bigger than we ever envisioned we would do.”

Said projects include the work that the company has completed on the Bierton Road in Aylesbury. “This particular example of our work involved the acquisition of two parcels of redundant land from the local NHS Trust,” Nick details. “On one parcel, which we have named Bierton Gardens, we have developed 50 two and three bedroom houses for affordable sale, while at Bierton Place we have introduced 71 one, two and three bedroom houses and apartments which have been delivered as private affordable housing.

“What also made this particular project unique was that it included the conversion of an old workhouse and the retaining of listed buildings. Needless to say, we are very proud of the work completed here, as we are with all of our developments, and the fact that we have made a real contribution to the private and non-private housing sectors in the region, using what was redundant land prior to our involvement.”

Future developments
As to be expected, Ridgepoint Homes has a number of exciting ongoing and forthcoming developments of note that will be monopolising its time in 2019 and beyond. Current developments include a residential development of 40 two, three and four bedroom homes in Wingrave, Buckinghamshire, 41 two and three bedroom homes at Moreton Park in Luton, and 135 one, two, three and four bedroom homes adjacent to the Grand Union Canal on Tring Road in Aylesbury. Meanwhile, developments taking shape in the near future include Altus, a new collection of one and two bedroom apartments in High Wycombe, 41 two and three bedroom homes and apartments on Grafton Street, High Wycombe, and a development of 55 one, two and three bedroom homes in Chesham.

“As we move through 2019, I think it is important that we remain sensible in our approach, particularly given the uncertainty that exists within the market and across the UK at present, but by no means does that mean we have to batten down the hatches, or anything remotely like that, because there are lots of opportunities out there for a well-managed business such as our own to capitalise on,” Nick professes.

“What we are focused on, and what ultimately drives us,” Nick continues, “is having a progressive business that is sustainable and thus provides a stable future for the internal team, subcontractors and consultants that form the wider Ridgepoint Homes team. That is what motivates myself each day and will continue to do so for many years to come.”

Ridgepoint Homes
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