Sector leading the way

The construction industry is widely recognised as one of the most difficult sectors of the economy to decarbonise, due to its reliance on costly legacy diesel assets and the carbon emissions associated with transport and power generation involved in construction processes.

Over the last two years, Green Biofuels Ltd (GBF) has been partnering with businesses across the construction sector to make an immediate reduction to their carbon emissions with GBF’s proprietary drop-in diesel replacement fuel Gd+ HVO.

Some of the UK’s leading construction companies including Skanska, Volker Fitzpatrick, John Sisk & Co, Laing O’Rouke, Speedy Hire and Travis Perkins have made announcements that they are achieving reductions in GHG of 90 percent through replacing regular diesel with Gd+ and improving local air quality through reducing emissions by up to 85 percent for particulates and up to 30 percent reductions in Nitrogen Oxides.

“It is a credit to our customer base that their interest in clean-burn technology and low carbon fuels has dramatically increased in the last two years – we see no sign of this slowing,” stated Magnus Hammick, COO of GBF. “The latest IPCC report shows how urgently we need to move on climate change and the construction sector is leading this urgent activity.”