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Star Contractors provides specialist and general construction work in a range of areas, utilising experienced staff and in-house capabilities to offer a reasonably priced tailored service
Reputation for excellence

Star Contractors provides specialist and general construction work in a range of areas, utilising experienced staff and in-house capabilities to offer a reasonably priced tailored service

In an industry where the reputation of the company is fundamental to ensuring future work, Star Contractors Ltd has built one of being a reliable and experienced familyrun business. It provides its services for a wide range and continuously evolving set of areas, from development work to residential work, and this can include projects of creating social housing, kitchens, occupational therapy units, and much more.
Due to the years of good work that Star Contractors has conducted it has built longstanding relationships with major clients, which includes both local Government and private firms. Having worked so hard to foster such a well-respected reputation in the industry, it has enabled the company to hone its expertise in providing an extended range of services. Regardless of what area Star Contractors is working in it brings with it years of experience in the industry and an impressive track record.

In regards to the various services that Star Contractors is able to provide, managing director John Collins and director Simon Cook said: “We have a broad spectrum really; we do the refurbishment, and convert larger homes into flats – this is often the case in social housing where a housing association will pick up a large property and we’ll convert it into three or four flats. Another area is infill sites, and this is particularly the case in London where there is a scarcity of land, so we have done a few infill sites there.” Infill sites are the repurposing of existing developments to provide additional facilities. Roehampton would be an example of an infill site that Star has worked on.

John and Simon then expanded even further on the work that Star Contractors performs: “We are working with a couple of councils in regards to occupational therapy in bathrooms, which is a growing market as there are a lot of people that need this, and this can be in the form of lower access showers or a number of other requirements. There is also the work we do in general refurbishments of council properties, and this can be for kitchens, bathrooms, electrics and mechanical. We do not define ourselves into any one category because I don’t think that is possible now, so we provide for new-build, refurbishment, and social housing with existing tenants.”

In addition, many of the services that Star Contractors provides are supported by its own in-house capabilities and experienced personnel, which John and Simon elaborated upon: “We have our own in-house architect and many consultants which means we can offer our customers a service that runs from the design stage right through to completion. Furthermore, we do a lot of our star-contractors-133-celectrics, mechanical, and heating in-house which provides us with an edge in the market.”

The reputation that Star Contractors has developed within the industry and the expertise it is able to bring to such a diverse range of projects has meant that its services are in demand. Examples that are currently underway include the Davenport Lodge, Heston, West London, where it will provide 16 homes; 15 flats made up of one and two bedrooms and a twobed bungalow. Four of which will have wheelchair access, and there will be solar panels fitted to the roof to increase energy efficiency. Another project is in Roehampton High Street, Roehampton, West London, which consists of three one bedroom flats across three storeys. These projects are in addition to its work in Acton Lane, Acton, West London, which is the conversion of a two-storey house into two separate flats. The development will create one three bedroom flat and one two bed flat with a rear extension. There will also be a sedum grass roof and is set to achieve a BREEAM ‘very good’ rating on building sustainability. The development will also include a retail kiosk unit on the ground floor. There are numerous others that have been completed or are underway, all of which demonstrate Star Contractors’ consistency in providing high quality workmanship at affordable prices.

Star Contractors has once again shown its versatility with the creation of a new part of thebusiness that is the provision of affordable and efficient solutions to pothole repairs and road surfacing in London. The process that the company employs involves using infrared heating of the existing tarmac, combining it with a fresh mix and a top up of bonging agent. This is unlike traditional excavation methods for asphalt repair, and Star Contractors’ approach results in a continuous surface, which helps to improve durability and faster reopening of roads. The process delivers substantial savings on costs and time, while protecting the environment by using fewer materials. The traditional method for repairing surfaces involves multiple teams carrying out specific stages of the repair. Star Contractors’ infrared system is a one-stop solution.

Star Contractors is able to apply its expertise to such a wide range of areas, and this no doubt helps secure a long and successful future for the company. All of its work is based upon providing its clients with exceptional quality, which is focused around what each client requires, while also retaining a professional and ambitious approach. Star Contractors’ services will no doubt be in demand for many years to come, whether that is within the wide range of building services it offers or within its new road repairs – Star Contractors brings high quality services, tailored to its clients’ needs.

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