Sweet Projects delivers clever construction for specialist industries 

With a steadfast commitment to exceptional service and dedication to meeting the expectations of key client partners, Sweet Projects Ltd has made a name for itself in the British construction and civil engineering industries. Through its emphasis on long-term relationships, the company fosters a positive working culture, both internally and with its supply chain partners. Guided by a drive to achieve the highest quality outcomes, Sweet Projects ensures client satisfaction. Andy Heyes, Managing Director, talks us through the company’s history.

“We position ourselves as a turnkey construction company specialising in niche industries, particularly data defence and the energy sector. Since our inception, growth has been remarkable, with a structured and strategic, client focused approach. We have forged strong partnerships with specialist clients, including Ark, our primary client in the data sector, and defence companies like Airbus, Aerospace, and MBDA. Sweet Projects’ first 18 months were dedicated to nurturing these relationships, tendering for data centre schemes, and engaging with clients as early contractors. Our first project, a large data centre near Heathrow, is nearing completion at the end of this year. This project consists of four phases, and we have three more projects lined up at the same location that will keep us occupied for the next five years. Additionally, we have other major data centre projects underway and a promising pipeline of future opportunities.”

Notable projects
Andy delves deeper into the specifics of Sweet Projects’ work. “We are actively managing three major sites within a ten-mile radius of Heathrow. There are a couple of reasons for this strategic location choice. Firstly, data centres have substantial energy requirements, and these sites already possess the necessary initial power infrastructure. Each site also includes an energy centre facility to further ensure reliable power supply. From a logistical standpoint, being situated in the M4-M25 corridor offers excellent proximity to our clients and end-users. Although we are bound by non-disclosure agreements, it is worth noting that our end-users are some of the largest companies in the world. One of our notable projects is the four-phase development at Union Park. We are also working on another data centre project near Chobham called Long Cross, and we have an upcoming project at Alliance Park in London, which will be the largest one yet. This hyperscale contract involves a 50-megawatt data centre, making it a sizeable project,” he adds.

“At our Union Park project, we are currently in the process of completing the first phase of a four-phase development, with four separate data centres, complete with auxiliary buildings and energy centres. When our client initially purchased the site, they did not have specific end-users in mind. Instead, they marketed the site, accordingly, attracting different clients for each phase. The first phase is dedicated to a particular client, and it is highly likely that they will also proceed with the second phase. The third phase has just been signed on by a different client, and it is anticipated that they will continue with the fourth phase as well. At Long Cross, our project consists of two phases, with the first phase currently underway and expected to be completed in 18 months. We are already looking at designs for the second phase. As for Alliance Park, it is currently in the early stages of design and feasibility. Although we cannot disclose specific names, our client is engaged in discussions with an end-user who is likely to occupy the entire project.”

Organic growth
Looking to the future, Andy sees a bright future. “We have a flexible plan in place that is adaptable to change. While we are not primarily driven by high turnover, it is worth noting that our growth has been significant. Within just three years, we have transitioned from a modest starting point to achieving approximately £115 million this year. We do not adhere to a rigid growth plan that sets specific revenue targets for each year. Instead, we focus on delivering the best results on the projects and opportunities that come our way, which enables us to generate organic growth. Our overarching plan is to become the UK’s number one provider of data defence and energy providers. We are dedicated to serving our clients and supporting their endeavours, whatever they may be.”

By remaining agile, customer-centric, and driven by its chosen sectors, Sweet Projects possesses the ability to achieve its long-term goals and establish itself as the premier provider in the UK.