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Terex Coventry is the home of the British manufactured Terex backhoe loader, site dumper, compaction roller and Genie scissor lift

With well over half a century of designing and manufacturing equipment, Terex is presented as a sophisticated and world-class operation that has supported the construction industry, both in the UK and abroad. Following the merging of two businesses purchased by Terex in the years preceding 2003, production of backhoe loaders was transferred to the Coventry factory, boasting a factory floor area of more than 30,000m2, sized to account for the sale of the equipment in over 60 countries globally. Recognised as one of its flagship products, the range is designed to be tough and versatile, and able to complete the job whilst providing the operator with a comfortable and safe environment.

“Having established the production site we began to expand the range manufactured at our site, introducing two new lines for Genie scissor lift production in 2008, acting as a daughter plant to the Terex issue 112 bmain facility in the US,” says Mark Royse, product manager – Site Dumpers & Compaction Rollers. The scissor lift range has dramatically transformed worksite productivity, able to operate in internal and external environments, with a high degree of manoeuvrability. “Increasing the level of production in the UK was further enhanced with the decision to bring manufacture of our pedestrian roller and associated trailer production back to the UK, having been manufactured in Hungary for over ten years,” he adds.

The roller range is tough, reliable, easy to operate and productive, and ranges from the small and versatile pedestrian roller, which is very popular in the UK, to the large vibratory roller machines that provide an excellent surface finish. Incorporating its manufacture into the Coventry factory ensures the business is better positioned to control cost efficiency, and be more adaptable to the industry needs and the changing conditions in the market, reacting faster to any uplifts in demand. “These were the key reasons behind the move, but beyond the obvious benefit of securing a better cost structure it also increases the number of jobs in the local area,” points out Mark.

The city of Coventry has been home to hundreds of manufacturers and as the largest compact construction equipment engineering company in the city today, Terex is able to carry on that tradition of manufacturing, whilst utilising the rich skills base in the area. In order to achieve the goals of manufacture expansion, it was vital to create space to locate new systems, and this required some substantial capital investment, as Mark highlights: “The installation of new welding systems, and associated extraction systems required a high degree of financial input. We had to design and manufacture purpose-made tooling in-house to enable those lines to be set up and operated. Additional capacity also needed to be located in order to undertake painting of the majority of components on those machines. The investment extended out to recruitment and training as well as infrastructure.”

The business is constantly researching and implementing smarter and more efficient ways of working in order to drive efficiencies that better serve its customers. Many construction companies across the world choose Terex equipment in the knowledge that they are receiving quality British manufactured products, which represent value for money. “There is strong demand for those products and that has been a key driver in being able to capitalise on the growth. We see that demand continuing over the next few years, and as it does so, our ability to update and refresh those products is going to increase. With a greater capability in design and more control over the material supply chain we can make changes quicker and more efficiently. Through having all aspects of Terex issue 112 cthe business within the UK, we are able to be a lot more reactive, increasing the difference our equipment makes to the industry,” says Mark.

That ability to react quickly to the needs of the market place has been demonstrated with several engine updates that have been developed in-house and launched in a short space of time. One example has been the updated six tonne dumper range that incorporates a new JCB engine, which combined with class leading skip strength, strong chassis design, and three types of skip configuration, further positions Terex as the first choice for material movement and tipping on any site. “We show a high capacity for being adaptable to market place conditions, and a key strength that we live up to is supporting the customer and ensuring that we are the most responsive supplier,” explains Mark.

In 2014, Terex launched the Tier 4 Final TA6 dumper, capable of holding six tonnes of material, the company is actively working towards compliance for both nine and ten tonne models, ensuring it is able to serve its customers within the scope of their requirements. That focus on the customer is set to be further enhanced in the coming months, strengthening the close working relationships it already holds. For several years the business has been represented at trade shows through its network of dealers, but direct attendance at the Executive Hire Show 2015 will be an opportunity for the company to really drive forward at the front end, meeting with new and existing operators, and reinforcing its strengths within the rental market as an organisation. Commenting, Mark points out: “A lot of the products we make are supplied into the rental market, and the show provides an opportunity to publicise the work that we are doing and strengthen customer relationships.

“Whilst we already have strong connections with a high percentage of companies that will attend the show, there is still a gap that we are able to fill. As the economy climbs out of recession and confidence returns to the business, now is the time to invest in the future.” Whilst clearly demonstrating the desire to improve and progress with customer responsiveness, the other area of focus is within innovation and the introduction of timely technological updates for products. The aim, as Mark explains: “Is to try and lead the market, with the right products that support the market place.” Further changes are set to come through the product range in the next six months, particularly with the backhoe range, which has proved a true specialist in its own right. As the market continues to improve, the two factors combined will provide an exciting year for both Terex and the construction industry as a whole.

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