UK-based contractor, MacDonald Surfacing, celebrates nearly three decades of national success 

As the West Midland’s leading tarmac expert, today MacDonald Surfacing is known for experience, quality, and the personal touch. Its roots extend back nearly 30 years with RM MacDonald and Son, which in time became CR MacDonald Limited in 2002 before evolving into MacDonald Surfacing in 2021 following a senior management buyout. Having evolved under the leadership of some highly experienced management teams over the ensuing decades, and with a workforce of over 200 operatives, the business is aiming for a £42 million turnover in 2024. As Alex MacDonald, Director, explains, this will be a record accomplishment. “To achieve this, we are working on building efficiencies and generating new business,” he opens.

Broad service offering
The people behind MacDonald Surfacing are experts in all things tarmac. The company is fully insured and equipped to cover a broad spectrum of surfacing-related projects. Its portfolio contains a variety of assignments, from publicly funded work on playgrounds and car parks, to industrial applications and infrastructure. With decades of experience, MacDonald surfacing is now looking to branch out into a greener alternative: “Since the summer of last year we’ve solidified our new leadership team, and we are now planning on establishing a brand-new venture for MacDonald Surfacing: recycled tarmac. We’re going to invest quite heavily over the next couple of years in developing a greener material alternative for our work. Eventually we would like to be making our own tarmac, as this will help reduce costs and streamline our operation,” Alex reveals.

“We also want to expand our expertise. We have a few contracts coming up for renewal in the next few years, and we want to push ourselves so that the business can adapt to new markets and bring in new work when the time comes. We will be building up our in-house expertise using the latest tech, and bringing customers a broader service offering from there,” he adds.

Research and development
New technology can also help enhance company culture. MacDonald Surfacing’s latest investment helps streamline subcontractor payment and increase retention, as Alex discusses: “As a business we’ve always been proud of getting quotes out quickly. Our relationships with our subcontractors and partners throughout the supply chain are second-to-none because we always make sure our people are paid efficiently and fairly. To help optimise this process even further, we will be introducing a new accounting system at the beginning of next year. This is a big project for me. It’s all about moving forward and making sure we stay ahead of the market standard.

“The new system is just one part of an ongoing improvement and restructuring process. Continuing our investment in the best tools and equipment, we recently invested £600,000 in a new fleet of specialist tarmac vehicles. We have also purchased some brand-new pickup trucks, which is really refreshing. It’s also a great feeling to know we are in a position where we can make investments like that,” he elaborates.

Having recently closed on a series of successful projects, MacDonald Surfacing is now able to make even more strategic investments into research, development and equipment. “In the last few months MacDonald Surfacing has delivered on some of its biggest projects to date on sites throughout Warwickshire and Buckinghamshire. We are proud to have completed those projects to a really high standard, showing how the team has come together into a really well-oiled machine. With each new project, we are able to make more investments into research and development, which is really the most important thing when it comes to the future of the business. We’re also working with AI to develop new systems and processes, staying at the cutting edge of new technology and benefitting from the ways it can help us stand out in the industry,” Alex enthuses.

Investing in people and processes
Having made a name for itself throughout the West Midlands, MacDonald Surfacing looks to expand its reach in the coming years. “We sat down yesterday, brought everyone together, and built a ten-year plan for the business. We are looking for long-term contracts that can bolster the company as it continues to grow into the future. We will be geared toward expanding into new regions, specifically Oxford, where we have ongoing work and the potential for new contracts, which is very exciting. We will also be continuing to consolidate our presence in the Midlands, with ongoing work in Birmingham. That’s our bread and butter and it’s really important that those core clients and services are well maintained as we grow and get more ambitious with our service offering.

“This will be a year of consolidation and putting in the groundwork. We will be reinvesting a lot into the business and the people who make it successful. We’ve got a great office staff of around 30 people, and it will be their focus to increase efficiency and implement automation wherever possible. We’re also looking at bringing in two apprentices this year, again that’s all part of our investment into the future. We’ve got quite a few big projects starting this year and in 2025, so this year is all about preparing the business to undertake those successfully. It’s really great to see everything coming together, and with everyone’s hard work we will be primed and ready for next year,” Alex concludes.