UK first

The finishing of the staircase is a pivotal moment in the construction of the Innovation Campus. The sbarc | spark showpiece starts at the ground floor as a social stair and forms breakout zones to each level which are curated differently, becoming destinations to users on other floors.

Bouygues UK, the construction company building the £300 million state-of-the-art Campus, worked with Taunton Fabrications to design and install the staircase, which was designed by architects Hawkins\Brown.

The staircase is a sculptural, open staircase travelling through a slanting void. Its name is taken from the oculus design, which depicts an eye that allows light to flood into a space. It aims to drive engagement and collaboration between the varying departments and uses of the sbarc | spark building.

Mike Baynham, Operations Director for Bouygues UK in Wales, and project lead on Cardiff Innovation Campus, said: “It’s amazing to have witnessed this staircase taking shape over the past few months. The expertise of Taunton Fabrications and the amazing vision of Hawkins\Brown have all come together to create a spectacle in this truly one-of-a-kind building.”