Address the crisis

New housing prices are increasing dramatically in the European Union and rose by almost ten percent in 2021, a sign of considerable tension between an increasingly scarce supply and an increasingly strong demand.

“Low- and middle-class households are progressively excluded from home ownership and renting, as affordable housing becomes… unaffordable,” remarked Marc Pigeon, President of Build Europe. “Without a strong and prompt political decision, the current situation will only get worse, considering recent developments,” he continued.

In order to avoid a brutal and widespread housing crisis, European property developers and homebuilders proposed the ministers of the Member States act on four essential policy leverages in order to revitalise the production and renovation of housing: Programming and planning, Fiscal policy, Regulations and Listening and partnership.

The latter point requires on one hand, listening to citizens who see their purchasing power steadily deteriorating and who aspire to be housed with dignity. On the other hand, the partnership with responsible and committed public and private professionals to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. According to Build Europe, The French presidency of the European Union must become a key moment to relaunch new constructions and renovation at affordable prices throughout Europe