European outlook

The Outlook, drawing insights from new research conducted with the world’s largest capital project owners and contractor construction professionals across Europe, the Americas and APAC, focuses on optimism levels and digitisation.

Commenting on the results, Jake Macholtz, CEO, InEight, said: “The results of our Outlook speak to a European construction sector that is brimming with confidence and optimism, one that has proved itself more than equal to the tremendous challenges it has faced this past year.

“It also points longer term to an industry continuing its digital evolution. Europe is a particularly interesting region in this regard. A hotspot for early tech adoption, we are now seeing some firms less tantalized by the prospects of greater digital transformation. This tempered enthusiasm though, is with good reason, as they have gained a measure of realism from their previous experience compared to global counterparts. This is coupled with the fallout from Covid-19 continuing to be a risk that is hampering resources.

“However, respondents are shown to be aware that lagging behind on digitisation will mean being potentially outpaced by the competition and despite the challenges faced, investments are still being made, or planned, to take advantage of the benefits advanced technologies have to offer.

This leaves me fully confident that our industry will collaboratively rise to the occasion and continue on an already well-trodden digital path.”