Game changer

ebb3, in partnership with Cisco, NVIDIA, NetApp, APC, Microsoft and Citrix, has launched the High Performance Virtual Computer (HPVC), an innovation in virtualisation for 3D software applications. The HPVC offers a cloud-based platform for 3D software, enabling multiple professionals to collaborate remotely over long distances and on any device.

Andy Bowker, ebb3’s executive founder, comments: “Before now, architects using 3D graphical software like Autodesk Maya were confined to a workstation in a fixed location. We designed the HPVC to push new boundaries, making it possible to deliver 3D graphics to 4K screens, and to give access to 3D graphical applications smoothly and seamlessly, wherever there’s an internet connection.”

The HPVC was developed by Andy Bowker with co-founders Ben Jones, Mark Vickers, Simon Cottrell, Paul Williams and Chris Brassington when they identified multiple challenges faced by companies using 3D visualisation applications. ebb3’s ‘A Team’ are experienced technology innovators and entrepreneurs. They have held senior positions at Cisco, HP, BT, NCR and Capgemini, and have worked on infrastructure projects such as The London Olympics.

Co-founder Bowker comments: “With the HPVC, architects can show prospective clients 3D wireframe models on an iPad instead of a printout, or collaborate on a project while one partner is in London and one is at a conference in Las Vegas, without the lag or performance issues of physical workstations or legacy virtualisation solutions. This is a game changer for the industry.”