Infrastructure Investments, Park Property Values, and Industry Excellence: Highlights in Construction News

£1.2 billion

Gatwick Airport has announced the contractors that have been awarded agreements within its low and medium complexity frameworks to deliver construction and engineering projects as part of the new Capital Investment Programme over the next five years. The new CIP has an additional £200 million attached to it, bringing the five-year projected spend to £1.2 billion up to 2021.

Park life

A room with a view – a park view – adds almost a fifth or close to £41,000, to the average value of a property, according to new research from Top of the tree is Priory Park in Southend-on-Sea, with the value of property close to or overlooking the park, 165 per cent or £444,177 more expensive than the average property price for the town. And as you might expect, buyers will pay a substantial premium of 85 per cent to buy a property in the streets surrounding London’s Hyde Park!

Full member

Aggregate Industries has become the first construction materials producer and supplier to achieve full national membership status of Constructing Excellence, the organisation charged with driving the change agenda in the construction industry. As a fully-fledged member, Aggregate Industries will play an important role in helping Constructing Excellence achieve its aim of improving industry performance in order to create a better built environment.